M*CARBO Brotherhood

Another Better - No Strain - Easy Locking Pin Installer

Since I got my initial real charging handle spring integrated locking pin, which I installed using the pinch and twist install method from the MCARBO video. Difficult but doable. I became interested in building a gadget to speed and ease the installation when I read of many that have arthritis, injuries or surgeries that make the installation too difficult or impossible. So I bought a new spring from Kel Tec and another new MACARBO locking pin to work with so I wouldn’t be using my live gun part.
Some sent their spring and pin to MCARBO for install, I didn’t think that the charge was excessive at all and their shop rate is reasonable, Chris Nelson did however encourage members to assist each other and indicated that MCARBO really didn’t want for “everybody” to sent them in. So, some sent them to me to install, which I do free, after I built the first gadget out of PVC pipe parts for <= 10 bucks and reduced the time to 90 seconds but it still took a bit of strength in the hands to do. I estimate there are at least five ways to build a gadget to install these pins, all the ones I would advise share some common mechanical requirements of locking the internal guide rods or rod. There is another method I have tried after some recommended it, the twist the pin for compression method. Works, I am pretty sure done incorrectly or with force it could damage the internal guide rods. So my build criteria were ease of use, commonality of materials, safe to use both for the person and the part. The Ver 2 Installer fits all of those criteria, It is a bit more difficult to fabricate, no much more expensive. If you can open an door using the knob you can work this system. My average install is still around 90 seconds but its so smooth and easy this will be my go to method to install the LOCKING PINS