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Ankle Holster Recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations for a good quality, comfortable ankle holster for a Sig P938 or P365. After seeing the Antifa/BLM rioters pulling people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them, it’s obvious drawing from a pocket holster inside a vehicle is just too awkward and slow. The holster needs to be comfortable enough to wear all day, secure so even strenuous activity doesn’t dislodge it, and easy to draw from.

We don’t talk holsters much here. What’s peoples’ opinions on ankle holsters? I’ve never had one.


I don’t think it would be a good option for use in an auto. Imagine fighting the steering wheel in those critical seconds. I would think a shoulder rig a better choice. Another option is some sort of vehicle safe that fits along side the center console.


I wore an Uncle Mikes ankle holster with a Glock 26 in it for years but it was inside a boot so I never figured on winning a quick draw contest. It was my back up gun anyway. Most people find ankle holsters make you walk kinda funny and you MUST make sure the firing pin/striker is prevented from touching the primer until you pull the trigger. We found an Agent’s gun that had bounced the firing pin off the primer as he walked/ran wearing the ankle holster. Not sure if it would have gone off but we took that gun off the streets. For in a car I would look for a cross draw holster that rides across the middle of your body, and most important thing is practice keeping the gun out. Frankly if I knew I HAD to travel through areas where that nonsense was going on I would rig up a cattle hot wire around my vehicle with some sort of plow on the front. IF I observed someone with a weapon approaching ME I would consider them to be intent on car jacking me and I would depart the area as fast as I could.


A shoulder rig would be “contraindicated” at work which is why I pocket carry. I’ve also tried appendix carry, but I’m not the slimmest guy around plus I don’t like where the barrel is pointing.

Thought about that too but I don’t like leaving a gun in a vehicle where it can be stolen which is from where most guns are stolen. It would also require major modification of both vehicles I own. The ones I’ve seen are either too big to fit between the seats and the console or fit inside the console itself.

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I’ve had my eye on this for a spell now. I get it, about the theft issue, but won’t you be returning it to carry when you leave your car? And BTW, you can get a far better price on this that MSRP, and the “rebate” is kinda nice these days.
Vehicle Safe


image This is what i was thinking about, something along these lines for a cross draw holster. Just an image I found, I know nothing about the holster

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This would be my ‘backup’ gun since the pocket gun is my primary. I walk kinda funny anyway with my back and arthritis problems. :smile: Both the 365 and 938 have firing pin return springs so they should be okay on ankle.

Same problem as with a shoulder holster. You pretty much have to wear a jacket of some kind and I don’t wear a suit. I also have to disarm to enter some places I work such as prisons and courthouses, and that includes the holsters since I get patted down - inside the shirt doesn’t work.

The point is you can’t know. They’re even going into the suburbs now. I don’t go anywhere without being armed except for when I must for work.


I am not a fan of holsters for my ankles. Can’t help there.

But, I second the endorsement of crossdraw for road trips. Works well 2 wheels or 4. If I’m just driving, I usually unholster and jam the pistol between the seat and center console. I then drop the microfiber that rides near there over the top to conceal it. Note that the cover is a legal thing in Texas. I can open carry on body, but vehicle carry must be concealed.

Nice thing about crossdraw - it doesnt have to be a mouse gun.


I cover a territory of about 3000 square miles with around 40 offices, plus I cover for 3 other people when they’re off work so I drive a lot - everything’s a road trip. Crossdraw doesn’t work for me any better than a shoulder holster for the same reasons.

And both the 365 and 938 are 9mm so not exactly mouse guns. :smile:

I’ve looked at the ankle holsters on eBay and Amazon but I don’t want to buy another holster destined for the bottom of a drawer, that’s why I’m asking here.

@Festus I’ll look into safes but I can see a couple weaknesses in that Hornady. For one, it uses an inflatable bladder to secure it. That implies it can be deflated, plus if the seat is moved it could dislodge the safe or pop that balloon. I’ve seen other car safes and they require mounting to something solid - difficult in many vehicles - or they replace the inside of the center console. That may be how I end up doing it but I figure an ankle holster was worth a try.


I sometimes use an ankle holster for a small .22 but it eventually sags if I try to carry my Ruger LC9s in it. Getting it tight enough to avoid that result risks cutting off circulation. While they may exist, I have never seen an ankle holster that could carry a larger, heavier firearm.

Have you considered a magnetic mount affixed under the dash or to the side of the console?

My car has an ancillary smaller glovebox above the main one that originally held the vehicle manual, etc. It is perfectly sized for a large handgun and that is how I use it. I can very quickly access and draw from there - much easier than from anywhere on my body other than a cross-draw rig. If you have such a secondary glove box, you might consider emptying it out and using it for your in vehicle firearm storage.


Fair. Too big for my ankle, but definitely fair.

I have a 938. I also have an Urban Carry holster I use for deep concealment. And I generally wear KORE click adjust belts. In combination, the 938 draws pretty smoothly from a seated position as long as I remember to give a couple clicks of slack when I sit. Tightening the belt back to exit a vehicle is easy.

Cons to the Urban Carry: Without a seatbelt it is a two step draw. Wearing your seatbelt may require adding a step to unclick the seatbelt.

All that said, if I was gonna search out an ankle holster for the 938 I’d try one that fixes to the leg at two points: first, directly below the knee like a sock garter and again directly above the ankle. I have seen such holsters and since I use sock garters to keep dress socks from drooping - it makes sense for me.


That is like the one I bought below. Again though, the weight of anything heavier than a small .22 or .380 causes it to eventually end up around your ankle just above the foot.


Yes, but I had to rule it out because each time I entered or left the vehicle I’d have to draw or holster the firearm, and doing it while still seated comes back to the original problem. There are few places nowadays that don’t have cameras, and I always assume they’re there even if I don’t spot them. The act of drawing or holstering can be considered threatening, especially in a prison parking lot or near a courthouse.

When I disarm at one of those places, I remove the entire holster and put it in a lockbox bolted to the floor in the back seat of my pickup so it doesn’t look like a firearm per se. Even if recognized, it’s still holstered and not presented at the ready. Same with putting it back in my pocket. I also let both the prison management and the courthouse police officers know I do this, but there’s a lot of turnover in those jobs and you never know who’s on duty.

With an ankle holster, I can draw it inside the vehicle and lock it in a lockbox I keep under the front seat without bringing it out of the foot well, or in a safe like @Festus showed.

That’s inexpensive enough to not get burned too bad if it doesn’t work out. Thanks.


Alien Gear holsters makes a good, secure ankle holster. They are a tad spendy, but work the best, (IMO) on keeping the holster and weapon in place. Alien gear has a complete line of concealed carry holsters that are interchangeable with the different types of carry options. I have one, and it has been the best in keeping my G2C secure and next to my body.


ONE of my brothers swears by these guys for retention and fit. he runs this rig.

just no skinny jeans… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :smiling_imp:


I’ve looked at the IWB and OWB models before and they looked kinda gimicky but if more than one brother recommends them, I’ll have to take a look. As far as spendy, they’re not out of line for a quality holster, I just didn’t want to spend a ton for something that’ll spend its entire life in a drawer. Thanks!


There’s no soy in my diet.:smile:


I would look for another option like a Sticky Pocket Holster. There are many outside the waist band or inside the waistband (if you can tolerate it) holsters. I like the sticky or a paddle like the Fobus. The Fobus holds tight to the body so it doesn’t print much. I retired after 38 yrs service. I have worn the Fobus paddle to court, off duty and when working DB for decades. I have a draw full of holsters that are terible. Depending on your attire maybe a shoulder holster might work sometimes. I have EDC’ed a sticky in a 511 BDU pants pocket with a small Ruger LC9S PRO and a G23 in the Fobus. If you are EDC’ing there are also Maxpedition bags like the FatBoy designed for off body carry that can also holds OC spray spare mags defensive pens etc… Many Federal State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies have banned ankle cary since if there is a fight and the officer is on the ground ankle holsters tend to present themselves to the bad guys. Also if you cross your legs while sitting (like at a resturant) There is a likelyhood that you will also acciently display your piece. Do a lot of research, it is easy to spend more on holsters than on your gun before you find the ones that work best for you.


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