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Ammunition Storage

Back on “Ammunition Storage”…I’m really loving the 40mm ammo cans!

Guess how many Aquila Super Extra High Velocity 22 LR ccrn & cchp’s a can will hold? …5,000 with room to spare!! It gets a little heavy to carry…but good to know…:v::boom:

Guess I better make another order…VISA CARD…CACHING!


Yesterday I received this

4-Can Ammo Crate in the mail. Had know idea it was coming. Birthday gift from my daughter.

Surprise Surprise!!

Today I am reorganizing my ammo.

Should I keep the ammo in its original box and put it in the Cans?

Or dump it out of it’s box and put in Cans loose?

Loose is what I’m thinking, only because I can fit more in the cans.

Have faster access to it.

I also have 2 metal Military Cans and 3 miscellaneous plastic Cans.

.223 - 2000 rds
9mm - 1600 rds
.22 LR - 1700 rds
.357/ 38 - 500 rds
.270 Win - 120 rds
.303 Brt -100 rds
.300 Savage - 60 rds
12/20 ga - 200 rds


Inspect every round.

Yes keep in original boxes, dated and numbered. …then in the cans. Shoot anything oldest and loose first for practice…don’t like loose ammo.

Have some dedicated known perfect mags of each caliber marked with the newest ammo for combat.

Mark combat mags/rounds red :heart:…Practice mags/rounds blue :blue_heart:


Yes yes yes!!
I recently picked up a box of .300 Savage at the local gun show for 25.00$. Got it home and found one .308 in it!


Bonus! Was it like getting one curly fry in your ordered regular fries? :grin:


@Captainjack88 Four more suggestions:

1- If you or anyone that may be accessing the ammo/mags happens to be color blind… come up with a secondary way to mark them. Let us know what you figure out…I need to do the same.

2- Store all the practice ammo in the plastic boxes and hot ammo in the real deal military steel cans. You know why…:sunglasses:

3- Pull any questionable rounds to the side and save dealing with them for another day.

4- Stick a small flashlight and knife on the closest ammo can you will be accessing…JIC power is out.

Gotta get back in my vineyard…I lost my stain “s” less steel vacuum insulated mug down there this morning with some precious coffee in it! …argh!:custard:




I dont like the cardboard boxes. I use freezer bags (heavier) or foil pouches.

These come with coffee in them. Cup o Joe


@cico7 What do you put in the bags? Loaded ammo? Mixed ammo? Empty cases?
I don’t see any identification to what’s in the bag?

I have ammo from the 80’s in original cardboard boxes stored in steel military ammo cans…and labeled. No problems and easy to see and know what it is. IMHO.


For 40 cal
I put 200 reloads in each bag and they are stored in ammo can.
Large can- 1000 rounds- its heavy . Small can 800-it’s full.
I have prepared case-cleaned and ready to load in 200 round bags
Dirty cases I keep in plastic jugs.

For 9mm I have smaller bags, ground coffee, and I do 100 and 200 round bags.
1000 rounds, kept in smaller ammo can.

Those are empty bags so not labeled. I usually label them with Avery shipping labels and
a sharpie.

My only issue with boxes is it limits how many can fit in a can. I only store reloads in this fashion,
new ammo is in the box in the refrigerator.


#[quote=“cico7, post:78, topic:7395”]
My only issue with boxes is it limits how many can fit in a can. I only store reloads in this fashion,
new ammo is in the box in the refrigerator.

@cico7 Thank you for sharing what you’re doing.

I’m not sure it is a good practice to store ammo in the fridge? I would think the cartridge would condense when moved to a warm temp pretty fast…and if it wasn’t all used up restoring it in the fridge would decrease the power each time?..and lead to a potential failure to ignight?

My main issue to support keeping all unfired ammo in the original boxes is it gives the manufacturer LOT#. If the ammo is bad I can trace how many boxes/rounds I need to deal with. I also write the date I purchased on all boxes.

When I’m done with each box I discard the cardboard and keep the tray for empty cases and store them back in the 1,000 rd. shipping box.

Last year I purchased a box of 50 rounds of +P+ 9mm FMJHP from a local shop. Turned out it was only +P that was in the box. With the Lot# I was able to call the manufacturer who blamed it on the person that boxed up the ammo for them. They sent me a new +P+ box of ammo and I kept the +P ammo as I had fired half the box before double checking the ammo and discovering something was wrong with it.
My dealer stepped in and found he had one more box with the same issue. He backed me up which made things smoother.

So I will continue with my method of protecting my investment…and myself.

I am also switching to 40mm USA Steel cans to accommodate the factory boxes I have in quantity…and keeping the 35-50-Fat 50 cal cans for all in between amounts.

Everything is in real USA made steel military ammo cans. :v::boom::grinning::wine_glass:


@MountainHunter Good point about keeping the manufacturers LOT# with the ammo. :+1:


I use an old refrigerator to store ammo. Not plugged in. It’s dry and out of the way.
Most of my ammo are reloads

@cico7 Thank you for sharing what you’re doing


@cico7 Got it…thank for clearing that up! :v::grinning:


I scored 2 ammo boxes for $10 today!


And some Black Rifle coffee!


Love that stuff. Wife thinks it’s too expensive tho…:disappointed:. So I gotta sacrifice it to hide my gear purchases better…:grinning:



Buy it and dump it into a less expensive empty coffee foil bag, but make sure it is a brand she does not like…now you can have your coffee and drink it too. :+1:



That won’t work, I get the coffee rounds that go in the keurig machine. Good idea otherwise.


No more expensive than StarUpchuck’s.