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Ammo Situation moving forward in 2020

Ammo Sold Out Nationwide with Future Supply Unknown

July 27, 2020 13 Comments

Few could have predicted the volatile 2020 timeline that has resulted in ammunition supply shortages across the nation.

America is a country seemingly divided in the wake of COVID-19 fears, polarizing political partisanship, civil unrest, and concerns relating to mass unemployment and the potential loss of small businesses.

Consequentially, firearm retailers and manufacturers are reporting record surges in gun and ammunition sales.

Gun sales from 2000 to March 2020. Image courtesy of The New York Times article , “About 2 Million Guns Were Sold in the U.S. as Virus Fears Spread.”

The people stocking up on tactical supplies are not just gun enthusiasts or survivalists, but also first-time customers who are making long trips for rifle- and handgun-caliber ammunition, only to discover that supply chains have run dry.

Public Relations Specialist and self-professed “gun guy” Roy Hill has never seen demand quite this high in his almost-9 years with Brownells , a leading supplier of firearm accessories and ammunition.

On the Brownells website, only 2% of their handgun models and roughly 3% of their rifle models are currently in stock.

With these numbers, it’s only inevitable that the company’s most popular handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammunition options are likewise sold out.


The Brownells retail store in Grinnell, Iowa (pre-pandemic).

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Unfortunately, Hill is uncertain as to when these products will be available again:

“Lots of companies in the industry are slammed. For example, if Company X is inside a state with strict COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s hard for Company X to manufacture any products, much less keep up with this very high level of demand. And if Company X also supplies components or parts for Companies A, B, and C? Well, the challenges just multiply.”

Hill foresees that demand will remain high as Americans advance into one of the most contentious and pivotal election seasons in this country’s history.

But he advises customers to keep checking the Brownells website, as the company is constantly working with vendors and suppliers to meet this unprecedented national demand.

Many online retailers, including Lucky Gunner , are doing everything in their power to keep shelves stocked for customers.

Lucky Gunner , one of the first online ammo shops to offer real-time inventory tracking, has reported similar stock issues.

“People are interested in defending their homes right now,” explains Anthony Welsch, the company’s Director of Marketing. “We’re seeing demand up across the board, but in terms of volume, calibers like 9mm and .223 are especially hot. We’ve also seen a ton of interest in 12 gauge—particularly buckshot, which seems to suggest home defense is top-of-mind for folks buying ammo right now.”

The purchasing team and warehouse staff at Lucky Gunner are working long hours and weekends to meet this record-setting demand for ammunition.

Shipments are delivered multiple times a week, but, as Welsch reports, items are sold out within an hour of being restocked on the company’s website.

Remember the good ol’ days?

When asked about the future, Welsch examined the relationship between public anxiety and ammunition shortages:

“I think it’s going to take the public at large to feel more comfortable before demand for ammo slows. Right now, between the pandemic, civil unrest, and the upcoming election season, there is a lot to feel anxious about. I’m not sure any of us are qualified to say when those nerves will be eased.”


Yep, pretty much what we all knew and are experiencing.
It’s going to be a while to get back to “normalcy”


There will never be a “NORMAL” again. :face_with_monocle: That’s why :eye: stock up for 30 years.

This is my second restocking since the 80’s…almost there.:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

Also downgraded my gun/ammo selection to:
22 LR
12 gauge
1.695” bore Cannon (Golf ball ammunition)

That should do it for me…and the zombies coming…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses::grin::v:


Imagine that, though - if things do get back to normal, then a lot of new buyers will try to get rid of their guns and ammo. Good chance to grab some second hand never used piece =)



It’s not just ammunition and firearms. All preppier type materials are in the same shortages.

I retired in 2006 and by no stretch of the imagination do I have a crystal ball. But guys and girls the current situation of our country shouldn’t be a real big surprise if you have paid any attention to whats been going on in the last couple of decades.

It’s now coming to a head. Things are going to get tough. I’m actually old and glad I won’t see the end one way or the other.
What I’m not glad about is all of our children , grandchildren and future and our Country.

A lot of us served our country in the military and our citizens as career law enforcement officers. The current diversity in our country will have no good ending. IMHO.

It’s a real shame that the root of the problems we as a country are experiencing may not be Americans or even originating completely in America.

Sorry to get a wee bit over excited on the subject.


I certainly am not surprised in the sense that it is happening, only that it took this long TBH.

During and after the 2008- 15 supply issues I did a complete reevaluation and re-prioritization of my actual needs vs my previous perceived needs and sold off all kinds off things at decent prices, not gouging, but market prices at the time and then with a very slim selection of what I perceived and the best bang for the buck spent the next 4 years stacking as high and deep as possible by taking advantage of sales, rebates, and general low prices. In the past decades I had paid attn to the ebb and flow of prices and availability on numerous “Needful Things”. The increasingly shortening pattern of just when you could get anything you want some shit happened to fuck it up. I paid attn. And acted accordingly.

In the case of firearms, I have long considered the cheapest part of a firearm “System” to be the firearm itself. Accessories and the actual fuel (Ammo) to be the biggest cost over all.

This last run of close to 4 years for the most part had yielded the best deals since the early 2007-8 era when mass surplus was king. Any of you remember the 9-11cent 556 surp and 18-20 cent 762X51 era… those were the days… 2 ammo cans of the HOT HOT white box Malaysian surp in bound in a wooden /wire overlay of 1840 rounds for 100.00 +/- Those were the days my friends… That was pretty over even before 2008 debacle.
but only then did 556 began to look viable for reloading after 2013. By 2015 for the savvy reloader primers and bulk projos really stood out and the best bang for the buck. powder was pretty decent till 2018 then there was some price jumps about 40+ per large jug on many of the rifle pistol powders but still good availability. Same with primers.

I certainly didn’t see the Kung Flu or the riots coming this early though, I was looking for unrest by Oct for the Orange man bad wing nuts. I had planned on finishing up stocks by may june but pretty much halted by feb/march with the few last items on a grab and go addenda in the last month.

I feel for those who failed to see the writing on the wall these past years but at least this is really putting the hurt on the libs trying to stock too little, too late. No Fucks given for those Traitors.


Very well stated.



IMHO we are now in a cold civil war. If you dare speak out against/don’t agree with the pervasive radical leftist anti America agenda they will do everything in their power to destroy you because they now control 99% of MSM. Goebbels would be proud.


I guess I have a target on my back as I speak out against their agenda every chance I get.
Good thing I have a couple of firearms and some ammo.:wink:


Like they say " By it cheap and stack it deep "

I don’t have a lot of ammo on hand but enough for my needs . Like others have said you need to pay attention to what is going on and when you see a good buy jump on it . After the last ammo / reloading shortages I bought what I needed when the store shelves were well stocked and prices weren’t out of site . MC


I buy ammo every chance i get even if its just a box here and a box there. You can never have enough. And it retains value if ever need a few bucks can sale a bit or trade it for what you need. Its at the top of any barter list. When it comes to hoarding precious metals you can keep your gold and silver ill take brass and lead anyday.

Agreed. You can’t eat ‘precious’ metal or rocks and “money” is worthless paper if everything goes hot. I doubt gold makes good bullets, but silver might. :smile:


It’s not hoarding if you buy stuff before a crisis, It’s just buying stuff.
I would be VERY leery of bartering ammo unless I was very certain about the person and their trustworthiness / reliability.

I like to keep a stash of pre 64 dimes and quarters for some small future needs. Mostly I expect to be bartering other things and services should the situation dictate such things.


Don’t laugh about gold and silver. :eye: bought a brand new Subaru with 16 Gold 1oz/ Eagles in my pocket. Gold Eagles will be worth $2,000 soon enough…That can buy a LOT of food…or bullets!

Silver quarters before 1965 are worth ~15\1 now.

Bullets can’t compare or be sold for that kind of cash…:sunglasses:



And how much of what you listed is edible? Asking for a friend.

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The government could dictate only electronic “money” is legal - the “coin shortage” shows that’s the direction they want to go. Most people will accept eMoney for its convenience without understanding - or maybe caring - it lets government know everything they buy and everywhere they go. A “buy-back” period will probably be allowed, but the return on “precious” metals will be determined by the banks and since there’ll be a glut on the market, values will be rock bottom.

eMoney makes it easier for politicians to cheat. We aren’t on the gold standard because it made the Federal Reserve the owner of all of the U.S. The only reason they didn’t go full-on complete control of everything is the technology wasn’t there yet. Now it is. Nothing happens on its own - this is yet another manipulation of NWO and/or the real money of the world.

If eMoney is implemented, metals will only be useful on the black market. Can you buy a fancy car or a house on the black market? Probably the only things available will be the prepper things you should already be buying now. They’ll cost a lot more, and it’ll be a lot more dangerous because politicians won’t be satisfied with merely subjugating you, they want to break your spirit too.

I trust politicians to always and only do what benefits THEM, and citizens can just shut up and pay.


I am more concerned with what is offered to me…


IF hasn’t happened yet. The opposite is happening.

METALS Gold and Silver will always be needed for MORE computers, cell phones, solar panels, medical uses…

Dime values for coins dated 1964 or earlier have the current silver price as their base value . At over $24.11 per ounce, all silver dimes are worth at least $1.61 each as of 7/27/2020

Before 1965, US quarters were made of 90 percent silver . That means that due to the silver alone it would be worth about $3.50 (depending on silver prices).

:eye: speculate that what will happen is a micro chip in the vaccine will be used for ALL your data and resources…and Bill Gates and Master Card is in on it.:rage::rofl::rofl::rofl::smirk:

As a backup…We have a dozen or so people that prefer to barter…and we know what each other has…now…for when the SHTF.



@Wyo Git along little doggies. :cowboy_hat_face: Where’s the Hamburger Helper? Very nice herd!