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Ammo for the pc carbine

I have settled in on 124 gr. But recently was impressed with underwoods offerings. Normally I run blazer for target and liked the winchester defend for bidness. both p+. thoughts?


Been a lot of debate here about +P in the carbine.
If the rifle isn’t rated for +P then things ranging from cycling issues to premature wear to the apocalypse may occur


+P is not needed or worth the money in the PCC9.
I like 124 g when shooting steel targets.

Per the Ruger manual:


I already shoot p+ through it just fine, that was not my question at all, but thanks. Things got about 2 years worth of p+ through it. Worth it to me. Velocity is velocity and a flat shooter out to 100. But what are you finding luck with is my question
Ps I have the manual

I shoot 124gr 9mm HP but it’s my reloads.
If that answers your question.


I run Winchester 147 gr T-series (talons) not usually available to the general public but can be found on the resale market. For my 40 cal I run T-series in 165 & 180 gr. For my 1911 45’s I run 230 gr. With the T-series significant expansion and forward facing “hooks” it makes for a devastating round.


With all the slop rattle and slam in the ruger PC carbine I pretty much run steel only through it because everything needs replacing in it regularly. No need to waste good money on clean ammo.

Idk man. Like a lot of guns there seems to be real good ones and real sloppy ones. Mines still tight. Put the mcarbo recoil spring pad and extractor/pins in after a few thousand rounds just becuase, and have about 6k total now. Still tight.
But I do reg maintance and stuff too. Actually due to the layout of my orchard, it is my favorite utility gun. So my loads need to kill with one well placed hit is my main concern. Sorry yours is sloppy.

Maybe something about mine being the v1.