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Ammo difference?

I was trying my P365XL with the RomeoZero the other day. Mainly trying to zero-in at about 7 yards.
The springs are also changed with the M*Carbo kit. The barrel is stock (not crowned).
First I shoot it factory adjusted, with some 115 grain Federal Champion Training 9mm Luger.
I adjusted the windage a bit, and since my next filled mag was loaded with some Federal Punch ammo, I was “why not?”.

Now I know that the ammo type is supposed to make a difference, but… I wasn’t expecting to be that much. Still OK for what it is, but this poses a (mostly) theoretical question to me…

What can be done to bring the grouping closer? Crowning on the barrel? Or this is how the JHP “fly” anyway?

Top is the 115 gr target FMJ bottom is the 124 gr Punch JHP:


As an old timer once told me: every gun shoots every brand-and weight-of ammo differently.

Try as many different ammo types as you can and then choose the one that your gun shoots most accurately.


That’s what I found too. No way I want to readjust the red dot every time I change ammo type…or waste ammo!