Aluminum Trigger Guard Sticking Open


I just completed my MCarbo upgades, (trigger job, stainless feed ramp, aluminum peep, recoil buffer and charging handle and aluminum trigger guard).

For the most part installation went smoothly (lost the safety spring as it went flying somewhere :angry:)
and I am happy with everything except the aluminum trigger guard.

It seems whenever I fold the gun and then unfold, the trigger guard won’t fully close and I have to manually pull it down into place. The trigger guard will sometimes fully close if I quickly slam open the gun. The plastic stock trigger guard closed every time.

I am sure the spring went in the right way as shown in the video. Does anyone else have this problem or did I install something wrong or is it something that has to break in?


@jimber27 I do not have to “slam” mine to get it to latch but I would put a little Super Lube (PTFE) on the front handguard notch that the trigger guard locks into or rubs against when closing, that made mine lock into place easier.


Mine does the same, though I don’t have to slam it open exactly. A relatively smooth and affirmative opening does it, just sticks if I unfold it slowly.

Hasn’t bothered me really, I just fix it manually when it happens.


I actually did this as well, but forgot to mention, unfortunately I didn’t notice a difference.


In a way, I think that is good. Means you are getting a good tight lockup. When I added the upgrades to mine, it did the same thing. Over time and with use, it has loosened up a little. The new M Series S2K I just got is also a little tight. I’m sure with more use, it too will loosen up.


@jimber27 I agree with @Texprep now that I think back to first installing all MCARBO upgrades that the latching/locking was much tighter and has loosened up over the past year. As you are relaxing or watching TV just open and close it repeatedly to “wear it in”. My sister just got a over/under shotgun that is hard for her to open and close so I told her to just do that repeatedly every evening to “wear it in”.


Did all the upgrades on mine and the trigger guard opens and closes flawlessly. OTOH a buddy who bought a SUB2000 the plastic trigger guard won’t close fully unless you push it into place. He is going to have me do his upgrade when he has a bit of cash to buy the upgraded pieces.


@jimber27 In the "Search Topics, Posts, Etc ", type in “adjust barrel”. Check out posts #74 to #104 for the adjustment of the trigger guard to the barrel nut.


Thanks, did some research about the barrel nuts relation with the trigger guard. I checked my barrel nut and its pretty tight, can’t move by hand im guessing lock tite. I think I’d rather keep it tight, and try just breaking the gun in a bit its still brand new.


Mine does the same thing. And, just a little finger pressure on the bottom of it and it snaps right in place.


Tried the search function and didn’t find a “adjust barrel” result. Any chance you could
provide a link?

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@CaptainJack Check out posts # 74 to 104. Hope this helps.


Thanks Don, got the page finally. Great info on that thread.