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Alternatives To Optics

I considered all the mounts on the market currently and some are great and some are impractical, in the end I decided to go sans optic. Instead I chose to mound a handgun laser/light combo, the Viridian X5L. As a bonus it also acts like a hand stop!

I kinda lucked out cause this little bastard didnt properly fit my PPQ and didnt have a pairing for it until I acquired the S2k. Its almost like it was made to be.


I did see a guy attach a small railing to the butt-stock and mount his optic there while folded and with a QD you can move it relatively fast after deploying.

Im looking into that


This method has its rewards. Optic mounts out of the way when folded. Mounting only takes a couple seconds. I have used this method of mounting and it works pretty good. The only bad point is if you take too much material off you have to adjust the mount to pull real tight and this can cause some buckling of the hand guard. The hand guard can and will twist a little as you bring the carbine to bear on the target. This can be due to the lack of material bulk the that area. If you go to far Kel-tec has a replacement part at a reasonable price.