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Alternative Method Of SAFETY PIN Removal And Installation

Here is a consolidation to SAFETY PIN removal and installation info.
THe first few times I took the S2K apart I was victim of the FLYING PARTS. While they flew I was able to recover them on the floor or where ever until the day I lost a retainer clip. KT, in great turn around time, sent me new ones. Since that day when I looked at my almost " READY TO FIRE" S2K laying in the case, just begging for release, I vowed NEVER AGAIN !!!
The following is an effort to expand on the MCARBO videos making it easier to remove and install S2K safety pin.
While Tips and Tricks for S2K contains this info I am attempting to make it easy for a newbie to read about Trigger upgrade installation.

Safety pin removal. This can be tricky and if not familiar with how easy it is to lose the retainer clips, detente pin and spring try the MOON SHOT prevention tool.
Easy to use !!
Place safety in the FIRE position using the info in video remove retainer clip ( which still runs the rick of flipping off across the universe) or simply use a smooth jawed pair of pliers and remove ( it is easy and fast and you always have a firm grip on it)

PB Blaster cap (or some other suitably sized cap) works fine. Just place it on the left side of the receiver. Securely hold cap and push safety towrads SAFE position until pin and spring are captured in PB. Finish removeing safety pin.

To safely reinstall safety pin.
Use the MARS REENTRY device . Go to word search in upper right hand corner and type in
Tips & Tricks for S2K, MARS REENTRY device



One of the trickiest things about doing the installation for the S2K involves the safety removal and installation.

Read this short thread of suggestions made to eliminate spending lots of time.

Alternative Method Of SAFETY PIN Removal And Installation

For more detailed info so YOU do not have to search long time. Go to tips and tricks for S2K. scroll down to OCTOBER 2018. refine the search until you see the PB Blaster moonshot tool.

After you read that scroll further to January 2019 and scroll until you see the way to reinstall the safety pin procedure called the MARS EENTRY device.


Interesting & very clever!!