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All-in one red dot and magnifier question

This is Moodster and I am wondering if any of you have successfully mounted a red dot AND magnifier combination on an S2K. I got all excited and bought a Tacticon V-3 micro red dot that fits great on the new MCARBO flip over mount. I also bought a Tacticon Falcon V-1 3X magnifier that came with a flip to the side bracket. All was looking good except when I mounted the 3x magnifier on the rail above the barrel then the problems started: the flip open mount Tactican uses is too thick and won’t allow the S2k to lock back closed. The 3X mount is already about 1/4" too high to match the red dot sight (another issue) so I can’t use a latched mount on it as it would be even higher!

Now the question: Do any of you know of a combination red dot/magnifying scope that would mount on the MCARBO flip open rail?



@Moodster … not cleanly. If you can swing a Red Lion Forend into your future: you can run what you got or move to a 1-4, 1-6 or 1-8 optic or any optic.


@Moodster What you are describing as an all-in-one red dot with magnifier essentially is one of the many variable magnification illuminated scopes that are available with true 1x viewing. The trick is finding one small and light enough to fit the MCARBO flip mount although the overall footprint would not be much larger than a separate red dot and magnifier. You might consider a short riser that effectively adds slots to the flip mount and allows room for a scope mount. That would further increase the folded width of the firearm though. Adequate eye relief also can be an issue but that mount moves the scope closer to the rear of the firearm and should solve the problem. If not, you could use a cantilever mount.

You will note that the slot spacing on the flip mount does NOT align with the spacing on the S2K upper pic rail. If it did, you could bridge them with a one piece QD mount and potentially could still do so using separate scope rings. Of course you would then need to remove the scope to fold. I have not tried it, but you might be able to use a short riser and ring on the mount itself with the forward ring mounted on a QD riser of the same height. The QD riser on the front ring then could be released to allow the firearm to fold.

Finally, if you do not mind a fixed magnification, an illuminated prism scope would be close to what you are describing. Just be sure it has adequate eye relief.


When my S2000 arrives, it will have M*Carbo’s flip mount, an I’m considering a 2X or 3X prism scope red dot to help my 70-year-old eyes. any suggestions? I’ve looked at Primary Arms, but they seemed directed toward AR’s

@hgnesmith I cannot recommend a particular one but be sure whatever you buy will provide adequate eye relief. Do NOT just accept the manufacturer’s claimed eye relief but try to read reviews to see what people say it really is. Alternatively, subtract 30% from the eye relief claimed.


Thanks for the advice, Joe. I’m sure to seek “just the facts.”

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Hello Modster et al
Just a thought on the folding, I understand the new deployment latch has more wiggle room when folding than the original. Perhaps the new design has enough tolerance to accommodate your first configuration?
You would have to ask an expert or someone who already purchased one.
My understanding is they are on back order.

Hi, Moodster back and I guess I can’t stop trying to solve issues. I think I really appreciate JoeFriday’s suggestions as they parallel my think and search for the right optics.

After literally weeks of studying optical options and contacting optics manufactures for a magnifying sight (beside just a 1 X ‘Red Dot”) for the S2K I think I have located what I was looking for. I ordered a TruGlow Red-Dot 2 x 42 mm sight that fits onto the MCARBO flip mount. It is 5.3 inches long, has unlimited eye relief (very important on this gun), and weights in at about 8 ounces. It is a medium quality magnifying sight but better than no options.

This frustrating search (I purchased 3 different systems in the process) did give me a product idea which I sent to MCARBO (I am sure that others with the same thoughts would help push for it). I found that I could have used the Tacticon Red Dot plus their 3 x flip to side magnifier EXCEPT that the flip base for the magnifier (about 1/4- 3/8 inch thick) which had to bolt onto the top rail prevented the gun from folding and latching by about ¼ to ½ inch. I would imagine that anything bolted to the top rail would have to have a lever release mount and then be removed before the gun could fold which kind of nullifies one of the guns big features. I also found that the lever release mount added height and made matching to the Red Dot a real fight.

Possible solution: If MCARBO made a rear buffer plug that raised the latching mechanism by about ½ “ you could leave any accessory bolted to the front rail (as long as it either flipped or was on a 45 degree offset mount).

I hope this helps someone else from going through all of this!


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Hi JoeFriday: I didn’t address the mount issue on my reply, but you are right, when I mounted up any optic it did not align exactly with front sight nor any magifying optic mounted on the front rail (It appeared to be slightly to the right side from the rear). It appears to be an engeneering and/or manufacturing error not aligning the rails! If I had to align them I would probably purchase some small hollow nylon spacers from the hardware store and put them between the side mount and the gun case (after probably hand filing them to the correct lengths) A real PITA!

Maybe Chris at MCARBO reads the forum and will take notice?


Yep, nothing lines up with the original sights. And they are much to low to use effectively.
I went with a red dot and a quick release riser. Works pretty well for me.
I mostly don’t fold up the gun, but if I had to, to transport it I can.
My opinion is. After all the mods and research…
Leave it stock and shove it in your back pack. That’s what it was designed for. Other wise, if you bought it to shoot it regualarly (which I don’t believe it was designed for), then mod the thing out so you enjoy shooting it, instead of being frustrated that we can’t make these how we really want them to work.
Kel Tec should join these forums and build a rifle that works and acts like what we’re all really asking for.
“ a folding pcc that will accept a riser and optic. And no plastic feed ramp, and no breakable internal parts. And………(so on)


Waaaay back circa 1997 to 1999 … Kel Tec offered what you describe. It was the Sub 9 with the tip-off optic mount. But, us guys out here, being the market, were luke warm. We didn’t like paying for the rifle you and I spec. So, in 2000: enter the polymer Sub 2000s. Market responded and Kel Tec hasn’t been able to keep up with demand since.

There is a Sub 9 offered on Gunbroker for $769 right now. Unfortunately, no tip off optic mount. I have a Sub 9 and I have the forearm with factory light that is also cut for the tip off mount. If I ever find the mount, I will run it.