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All dressed up and no place to go…

Greetings! This is the first post for me. I have been reading a lot and learning much from all of you, so thanks for posting all of your great ideas, experiences, and pics! My Sub2k is still unfired, but most of the M*CARBO mods and upgrades have been made. It’s been a fun project so far and I’m really looking forward to heading back to the farm next month where I can take my time learning the weapon, setting targets and drills up my way, and not having to compete for range time. I thought I would post a few pics, just for the sake of sharing. Thanks to the forum for providing a place to do that.

Am I the only one that buys a firearm, fixes it all up, and then can’t find a time and place to go and shoot it? I can’t possibly be alone… It would be interesting to hear about others’ ‘unfired projects’. Thanks for reading!


Welcome Kevin! Glad we could help you spend all your money. Lol.

No you are not… finished mine in June 2020 with EVERY M*Carbo update known to man and have only fired 3 rounds to test and site it. I really bought it to give to my son on his 21st birthday. Shhhhh!


Whew! Now I don’t feel so alone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That’s a nice setup you have there. Your son will be a happy young man!


Right there with ya. Also have the issue of ranges not liking big bores, ar pistols or any ammo containing steel.
Welcome aboard!


Did you shoot your sub2k before the mcarbo upgrades? The difference between stock sub2k and 2k after mcarbo upgrades is night and day. They are upgrades for sure not just extra parts. My 2k went from a kinda fun but kinda junky pcc to an absolute blast specially when the 33 round happy sticks and 50 round drums come out of the bag. Although the happy sticks havent been to happy as for this past year cause they been riding the bench. Welcome to the forum theres allways tons of great info here and alot of great people.



From one newbie to another…welcome. Lots of very knowledgeable brothers on this forum. Read through different topics and you’ll see what I mean.

Your Sub looks great. Regarding the “no shoot” thing…I’m guilty. I also got a Sub a couple months ago, spent more than the purchase price on parts (still in their packages), life got in the way and it’s still unfired. To make it worse, I have several free passes for the range.

I do plan on firing it before adding the mods to make sure all is good before I monkey with it.


No you’re not the only one by far!
There are several finished projects in my safe that have never been fired😗
Welcome to the forum, sweet looking Sub you’ve built.:+1:t3::us:


Thanks, everyone, for the welcome and for the kind comments. Looking forward to being a part of the forum.


@Patriot67 : Looks great!!!

But just my opinion here its still missing one more thing…

A Sling!!


Had one, just didn’t take a pic of it. Good catch!!


I haven’t fired my sub since before the stainless steel hammer bushing came out. I think that was 2019.


I’d like to dress mine up, but first I have to get it to keep the magazine in. I got the S&W 5900 magazine catch, and I’ve installed it up, down (I’d try outside and sideways, but that part’s obvious). How do I get it to work? Am I the only one too dense to do a simple multi cal upgrade?

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Im still pretty new to the s2k whats the “multi cal upgrade” ?

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You can change the mag catch to accept several different mags. Glock,S&W i think SIG and maybe couple others. I dont have any experience with it other then reading about it when i got my s2k. Mine is glock 17 version and as ive said before adding the mcarbo internals has made it a super fun pcc.


I thought @jamesy might be referring to the “Multi mag” option, but obviously thats not something that would be considered an “upgrade”. Maybe the “cal” was a typo, but it got me thinking .40 to 9mm conversion, or something like that. Like maybe a quick change barrel or something.


No, Stircrazy…You’re right. I meant “multi mag”. I have one in .40 that compliments my S&W M&P .40 beautifully. I hate that infernal center bump on a Glock trigger, and I’m not buying a Glock just to share magazines, so I ordered a “multi mag” 9mm model, so I could share magazines with my S&W 5900. I had to order the mag catch separately, but have yet to successfully install it. My bad.

HandyDave is right, I believe it comes in a 9 mm M&P, CZ 75, S&W 5900 and I don’t know what else. The Glock magazine model is a separate carbine from the “multi mag”. I owned a Glock 17 just long enough to sell it to someone who wanted one.

I’m fond of a smooth surface trigger ever since back in the late 70’s when I took an aluminum rifle trigger shoe, dremeled it smooth and installed it on my S&W model 13 service revolver. I’ve still got it and it’s still smooth as silk.


Great job! Love the bi-pod! So dad, just go shoot the damn thing already…


@2A4EVER Don’t tempt me… still have over 6k rounds of 9mm. And maybe he needs to start off with a smaller caliber pistol instead. He would never know. :rofl:

Welcome to the Brotherhood Thomas!

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