Alec Baldwin just killed a photographer with a negligent discharge!

There are claims that there had been several misfires from one of the weapons where it had "just gone off " on two occasions when picked up.


We may never know the truth with both sides posting all manner of alleged factual info.

What I do know is a SA revolver must be cocked first inorder to fire based on the four I own,
and they will only put a hole in what they are directly pointed at when fired.


You’re assuming these were single action, Smith and Wesson made double action revolvers as early as the mid to late 1800’s. It’s also pretty common for crappy movies to use period incorrect props, if someone tried to mess with the trigger springs and/or over polished internals or if just worn, a pistol can have a hair trigger. In any case you’re right we’ll probably never know the full story.


A libtard like Baldwin making money from a movie glorifying guns just makes me sick. He is garbage.

You don’t give the keys to a car to a five year old. There is legal fault there. I would never hand one of my guns to someone that I wasn’t sure would be responsible with it. Never.

Anyone who drives a car is responsible for damage they cause with it. A gun is the same. If you don’t know what you are doing then you shouldn’t touch it until you get trained. If you hand a gun to anyone that has training the first thing they will do is verify it is unloaded.

It’s Hollywierd though, so it will be written off as an accident and nobody will bear any responsibility. Leftists never call for responsibility from one of their own.


This was not an ND, it was a movie scene. The trigger was pressed deliberately, for the scene. Even if it was SA, it would have to be cocked exactly like for a real shot.
The only thing that wasn’t suppose to happen was that live round in the gun, instead of a blank. Nobody checked on that. Actually live ammo should not even be allowed on set exactly because of this risk.


Well if i was making a low budget film, which this technically is, i would skip the special effects, and film bullet hits using live ammo. At least in my dreams that always works out well.


It’s illegal to have live ammo on a movie set


If its a single action like the old style before transfer bar safety and exposed firing pin on hammer there has been many a accident if gun isnt carried on a empty cylinder. Just thought i would add this safety concern. Transfer bar carry fully loaded no transfer bar exposed firing pin carry empty cylinder.


By necessity actors operate under a different set of prop firearms handling rules and order of negligence than, for instance, other real and live round firearms users like forum members should adhere to. They are handed a prop gun by a professional and it’s “loaded” with something every time. The prop weapon wrangler is responsible for what that load is and is not. The actor can’t be, only the insane would put that in the hands of actors. If it’s reported “cold” even other actors don’t want actors changing a thing. I think time will tell that at some level the insertion of live rounds was intentional on the part of someone with access, followed by a failure in the handoff to user procedure. Analogous to someone cutting your brakes and you, unknowing, hit a school bus. The driver is as much victim as the bus driver and his passengers.

We should not be so quick to judge an industry that uses some firearms like toys for our entertainment under different range rules. We also, as a forum and individuals, should show more class than insult Mr Baldwin on a personal or political basis regarding this tragedy. Can we try that?




HELL NO. At the very least he should be charged with negligent homicide but I doubt that’s gonna happen. I hope the family of the woman he killed shoves it to him for at least 8 figures. Karma is a beotch.


I was going to make a similar comment.
While we don’t know exactly what the circumstances were, I think the shot was intentional. I don’t the guy but don’t blame him…yet.


From TMZ:
We’re told this off-the-clock shooting – which was allegedly happening away the movie lot – was being done with real bullets … which is how some who worked on the film believe a live round found its way in one of that day.

There’s also this … one source who was on set and familiar with the goings-on of the crew tells us that when cops showed up, they found live ammo and blanks were being stored in the same area – another possible explanation for how an actual bullet slipped got in the gun.


That is a big safety violation on a movie set.

PS: Similar what happen with Brandon Lee.
They used real ammo to make blanks (by removing the bullet and powder, leaving just the primers). And also made dummy loads (needed for scene) by firing some of those blanks and re-inserting the bullets back in casing.
Allegedly one of the dummy loads (made on site), was left by mistake with an intact primer (no powder, just the bullet re-inserted manually), the scene vas filmed and the primer propelled the bullet into the barrel, remaining lodged. A couple of people heard a noise, but they didn’t check to see what happened.
A couple weeks later, when they used blanks loaded with powder at full power, to make bigger muzzle blast, that powder in the blank dislodged the stuck .44 bullet and shot Brandon.


:sleepy: :anguished: that is so sad.


Today , Twitter is blowing up (according to FOX) with anti- gun rhetoric. The irony of a self congratulating anti-gun moron who is constantly pointing fingers at police who have found themselves in similar horrific experiences can’t be lost here! The very people that liberals love to hate IE: the NRA would have taught Baldwin the basics of safe gun handling. To those that say this isn’t a negligent discharge, YOU’RE WRONG!
The first rule of safe gun handling is to “Treat Every Gun as if it is loaded”, the other basic rules: Finger off the trigger, Be sure of your target and what’s beyond, Etc. are things that anti-gun people never learn. Is this tragic? YES! But no less so then a cop who is involved in an accidental shooting in the heat of the moment and gets crucified on social media by some self important liberal. I’d like to think Baldwin would learn something from this but I highly doubt it and therefore have NO sympathy for him!


He is a person that actively works to take away constitutional rights, so no, he is garbage.


Show no class, expect none from others. Those in that description are more alike their enemy in the way they think and behave than they believe themselves to be.

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@Oneof6 No I can not. The virtue signaling la la land mentality doesn’t work for me.He’s demonstrated over decades that he’s a scumbag. Gets no rhythm from me.


Agree 1000% First thing I was taught while a kid handling a gun was ALWAYS check a gun whenever handling it REGARDLESS what the person handing it to you says.
Edited to add that the prop gun had been used to target shoot by the film crew and actors the night before. No one checked it before handing it to Alec? He didn’t check it? Why was he even pointing it at the cinamatographer and pulling the trigger? Lot’s of questions with no answers.