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AK Ignorance, but I'm trying

I’ve often thought of diving into the AK game at some point.
Been looking at them for years, some reading, shot a few.
But I wouldn’t know a good one if I shot myself with one.

Right now, I’m interested in a Zastava ZPAP92 Alpha.
It has a FS1913 folding brace and Pic Rail mounted.
Also been looking at the ZPAP85 in 223/5.56.

Not sure why I would want the 85, but it intrigues me.
I think it would be fun to have them both to compare.

Any thoughts on these or other AK’s?


I have had a WASR-10 for almost 15 years. I have shot it maybe a half dozen times. It is a okay gun and it is very dependable, never jams no matter what crappy ammo you feed it. But I am going to let mine go. I decided that it just doesn’t fit my overall plans. It will be heading to it’s new home very soon. Here is my setup. Replaced all the wood with a side folding stock and rail system up front added a forward grip that swivels (so you can insert mags).
IMG_20200404_104204739 (640x398)


@KM55 Kenneth nice setup if you don’t mind me asking what are you selling or trading it for


$1000 and hopefully all goes well. with this virus thing going on. Sold it today.


I went with the Century C39 V2. It has a collapsible and side folding stock and is made in the US. I have the Zhukov version, all Magpul fore end and stock. Comes with a very good trigger. Not a big fan of typical AK sights, so I removed the rear sight and added a Sig Romeo 5 red dot and a Juliet 4X magnifier which can tip to the side or can quick detach. The sight combinations make for a great CQB or intermediate range weapon.

As you can see, I also added a magpul cheek riser, Hogue finger groove grip and a magpul AFG2 fore grip.


I had been into ak’s for a long while. You can’t go wrong with the sastiva . It’s very well made. The ones at classic firearms have front sight gas block.

If you are used to or may want ar style modularity , ar accuracy, vfg and ability to add red dot with out adding extra weight and bulk then go with cmmg banshee.

10 inch barrels give much better fps than 8 inch barrels.

Oh yeah the are fire breathing loud beasts. The krink flag hider best flash hider you can get. Plus it funnels sound and blast away from shooter.


What ever you do, Please don’t shoot yourself with one. The power of 7.62x39 is mind blowing. This was a sellier & bellot full metal jacket skidding up ones face.


I was in the same boat years ago. I got great guidance and direction from Rob Ski at AKOU 47-74. He has a web sight, with information and store. He makes instructional videos on (youtube and Vemo). He is born and raised in Poland and grew up with Aks as we did with ARs. He is a US military sniper. He puts AKs through very difficult testing and makes recommendations based on his results. My first AK was cheap american made inter ordnance (I.O). I smartened up with that death trap and moved on to a WASR, M-Pap, and others. After years i’m down to three. Its the old you get what you pay for as far as AK quality. I currently shoot a Saiga in 762x 39, a vepr in .223 and a MAK 91 national match which is by far my favorite. Iron sights are tough however mounting optics is easy these days most come with a side rail to mount optic. Never mount optics on the dust cover does not hold Zero. If you find a AK without the side rail its an easy fix with an AK master mount. James at AK master mount was alot of help with advise and how to install when I had difficulty because I still had military trigger and safety lever in my MAK 91. hope this helps


I’m entered to win a really nice WASR-10 that Primary Arms has built up.
If that fails, I’ll probably end up buying the ZPAP92 with a folding brace.
The Alpha seems to be exactly what I’m looking for in an AK.



Looks good and has good reviews.