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Affordable reloading supplies

Anyone know where to get some affordable reloading supplies?? Sense everything is getting harder amd harder to find and when you do its way over priced. Looking for small pistol primers and vihtavuori 3n37 (preferably), n330, n340, or n350 or power pistol.


Small pistol primers - your best bet for deals will be visiting yard sales till you get lucky. Deals are abso!utely unavailable anyplace an enthusiast has set foot since 'bout 2019. If an enthusiast beats you there, the prices will be ridiculous.

Powders … deals are local at low traffic shops with owners interested in more than just a fast buck.

Sorry I don’t have better news. But you gotta realize anything posted to the internet that is shoppable online is sold out within minutes of its reddit posting.


Haven’t seen any powder in store for over 3 months, and online in over a month.

Been waiting in line for the last 4 months and was able to find primers but has seriously dried up lately.

Earlier this week I’ve been getting boatloads of emails from midway saying bulk primers of all makes are discontinued (5k bulk packs). You know it’s bad when big box gun stores send those emails out.

VV powder, haven’t seen it (online only) for over 3 months.

I’d say, hit your local stores, find out delivery dates and wait in line.

I really need small rifle primers bad lol.

And of course, if your willing to finance or sell a couple of kidneys then check gun broker. Hell I bet that is where 80% of the primers are at (resellers, there is a special place in hell for them). Also a lot of small ammo manufactures are buying up the rest, YouTube reloaders are getting a ton too as well as powder.

Also get yourself signed up on all the reloading supplies web sites notifications, it takes a ship ton of time but only the other way to do it.


Primers are almost imposible to find. I have seen them go for $250 to $400 per 1000 small pistol primers. If you do find them then comes powder. Your about a year & 1/2 to late to start reloading even if buy the equipment like a press & dies you still can’t reload. Sorry for the cold water.


I started 4 months ago or so, if you search and wait you can find deals. Just finished collecting what I need to reload, took around 3 months to find it all. Got a rock chucker from natches for around 150 shipped (on sale to boot). Got more stuff from a member here, when it came to dies, you have 2 options it seems. Directly from manufacture or be lightning when it’s in stock at big box store. EBay is where most of the dies are, at around 150% mark up and higher. People are buying at that price, but deals do pop up now and then. Buy them when you see them, do not wait. Had to bite the bullet for some 223/5.56 dies, rest I found by waiting and searching.

Also look for side work, some people might be into reloading and have stuff to barter. Scored a practically new annealer (needed some fixing) doing an abs module job.

There is a Dillon 750 at my local turners $550 ish if I remember correctly. Zero other stuff besides some obscure shell holders for odd cartridges. Really tempted to jump on that dillon though… just dont have the cash for it.

Interesting thing, in our conversations in line waiting for the store to open, I end up making a comment regarding how most people in line must have maxed their credit cards, people get all nervous and cold sweats. I never mean it in a bad way, just interesting how people react and what they are doing to but guns/ammo/gear.

Oh also I have a thread on here about powder. Other members and I post it when we find or get notifications for them.

Edit to add - I have found only powder online, ZERO primers online.