Aero Survival Rifle


Bought a areo survivel rifle couple of years ago had ejection problems sent back replaced parts recieved rifle brought to the range ran 50 rounds through it every fourth round would not eject sent rifle back they this time they replaced my rifle recieved it took it the range fired the work as advertise. Then i ordered the 10mm conversion recieved my conversion 10mm installed went to the range right from the start round would not chamber text the company several time no response from the tech . Would like info on this problem and fixes


Just get a new S2K in .40 to fill that niche. :+1:


what parts did the conversion kit include? if the new rifle worked as advertised, but the conversion will not, that seems to be a alignment/headspace/clearence issue…
just spitballing here, need more info…


Lower receiver for 45/10mm bolt and barrel yea it seems to get stock on upper barrel when charging it’s ashame we pay premium price for a firearm and it doesn’t function as advertise. 9mm works fine .


what springs came with the 'Kit"?


just watched the video, saw how it was assembled with the kit. now, saying that, swap everything back, to 9 mm , check the firing. if it cycles correctly, then the way that rifle swaps, your problem lies with either the receiver/bore being drilled misalined, OR (most likely) bad magazine. easy way to check, swap out the magazine and see what it does.

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Buck, when I first got my Glock G17 I probably ran nearly 2K rounds of all types of ammunition and it ‘ate’ it ALL. During those ‘early years’ of my gun ownership, I received all of my advise from the members of my gun club… I even accepted some advise that may have not been good. Needless-to-say, sometimes one’s BEST ADVISE comes from one’s own experiences??? As time passed on, I had moved to YOUTUBE videos and sought out local gunsmiths. I had gone from field-stripping my firearms based on the manufacturers recommendations to becoming the ‘most reckless’ adventurer seeking out aftermarket parts replacements available… A REAL LIVE RENEGADE !!! :crazy_face::+1 It was great because I had learned many things about the AFTERMARKET WORLD. During my ‘adventure’ I had spent a lot of money. So much, that I had to support my HOBBY by getting a 22 Conversion Kit (Not one but two different conversions for the same Glock.) I had the same failure to feed issues with both kits!!! Even though both kits were fired enormously, every last ‘couple’ of rounds hung up. My interests with firearms grew and I had to ‘feed’ my knowledge in order to UNDERSTAND my hobby better… To shorten my BOOK written here, it sounds like these conversion kits are still not 100% and that improvements will continually be made??? You and I had discussed a bit about the 22MAG and 17HMR. In my humble opinion I believe there is still a STRUGGLE with the proper design of recoil mechanisms, angle of head space and feeding challenges that are overlooked. I am guessing that the ‘missing solution’ is with the 'actual weight variations of the ammunition itself??? These firearms that we have discussed all work on the blowback principle? What else do you feel we may be missing in the equation? :thinking:


I had a hard time with reliability in pistols since my first “serious” one was a Gen 2 G19 purchased in 1994. That thing was (and still is) supremely reliable. It spoiled me when I tried other semi-auto pistols and encountered jamming. I thought they would/should run like that G19. WRONG. LOL


I had heard so much ‘positive’ about the Glock that I had depended on a reliable gun since the very first day! I was just surprised that it didn’t eat the 22 ammo in the same ‘reliable’ manner! When I had purchased my 2nd conversion kit I had figured that ALL 22 conversions are not created equal and that they would just be a ‘plinker kit’ to save money and should not be used for any other reason… As far as the Glock (without the kit,) I would depend on it with my life!!! It has NEVER malfunctioned when I had needed it to fire! Hopefully, after I get my 10/22 Custom ‘dialed in’ I will say the same? I guess it is a ‘learning game’ when trying to understand how a blowback operates when a certain round is fed through it? I am trying to gear my thought process as though I am building a gun for the first time and what to expect… It is both fun and challenging when learning a specific firearm and how it operates BEST!!!

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Yea i bought this rifle not knowing that it had feeding problems from other excustomers. Its 9mm every 3 or 4th rounds it would not eject u say bolt problems sent it in they replaced all the inside lower receiver and barrel when i receive it took it to the range first 7 rounds ejected then the eighth didn’t eject hear we go ejection problems again and they fired it before they sent it to me. Well got with the tech you didn’t fix the problem i had before just that i casa_n get a few more rounds down range than before but still ejection problems. Sent it back they replaced the whole rifle sent it to me took it to the range sa_yyyy whatttt it works one or two failure to feed using 30 round magazines im good with that . Now im ready to upgrade to 10mm receive my conversion bam know it won’t feed its ether the barrel or the lower receiver not match right with magazine if it was a little lower on the magazine i think it would feed right or the barrel not match to my receiver this is a multi caliber rifle 9,357sig,40. And 45/10 mm which you have to buy the lower receiver for 45 and 10 just burns me when you pay good money and it doesn’t work as advertise misleading customers. The engineering of this rifle must been two pieces of meat shy of a sandwichhhhhh.

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@Maddog1, question for you. has the rifle been broken in yet? usually, and thats just me, I dont count something broken in till at least 500 rnds, depending on the manufacturer, 1000 rounds. also, does the firearm need to be run wet. or dry with lube? I see ejection can be shifted from right to left, as well as the cal change by use of the barrel swap and lower swap. now saying that, you can have teething issues with multi cal rigs, till they are broken in.
I purposly buy a decent amount of “problem children” firearms. I like to make things work, im a tinker’er. always have been.
If i were you, I would set it back to 9mm, buy 500 cheap 9mm brass cased rounds, and blow thru it, clean and lube before assy, then do it again after. kick any non feeds to the side, then load em back in and try em again.
once you set the 500 mark, and no issues at all on 9 mm, then install the 10mm kit, and try it again. same 500 round break in.
lot of the time, ive had bad rounds (AR 10 GAVE ME A FIT,it was poor quality control on ammo) I had a 1911 that was well broken in, start giving me a fit ( Bad Mc’ormic SS magazine right out the box and a NEF handi rifle that the headspace was so far out it wouldnt fire unless the firearm was tilted down, like shooting out of a treestand.
point im trying to make, they can be many variables, you have to have a starting point you know is good. like breaking it in. then its just a process of elimination to find the problem.
sume manufacturers, break in a weapon before its put up for sale. some ship em out with maybe 2 rounds fired thru em, to prove fire eject and reload. most guns dont start warming up till around the 5th round, metal expands, tolerance tightens, and boxcar jams, feed issues, and failure to go to battery starts raising its head.


@lonewolf well, youve also Got to figure in the speed at which the bolt rebounds, ( hotter lighter round will slam it, smaller cooler round (like subsonic) sometimes bolt wouldnt lock to battery. thats where your spring tension and weight of bolt comes into play.
then you got headspace. it should be checked on all firearms, new, used, swapped before firing. headspace should be checked after, changing a bolt, changing a barrel, before firing the weapon. new or used,
thats accomplished with a calibre GO and NO-GO guage set, and a Field Guage set.
bad headspace can be the culprit from everything from a no-fire,no extract, to bulged and split cases, case separation, bulged barrel, and blown out bolt… Ive got a set for every cal I own. only one i had made special was the 221 fireball.(wildcat)
and as far as the conversion kits, not all but a lot of em have teething issues…


I’ve only ran maybe 200 9mm ill do that run 300 thru rifle. The problem im have right off the bat is chargeing first round going through the motion it hasn’t feed the first round unless i push the round in myself have six glock magazines on tried every one same problem. Ill try it wet to see if it loads. Ive sent email to areo no reply ive called today no response. Whats the best pistal caliber rifle thats out there that you can switch uppers for different calibers without breaking the bank im all ears boys and using glock magazines?

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did you try inserting the new magazine with the bolt closed only. that rifle for some reason has that particular preference…

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not strictly a pistol cal kit, but 9mm is in the kit,

RCMS-$ multi cal kit, from Windham Weaponry
gotta have deep pockets though , and prices range from 4 cals at $2561., to the RCMS BOB at $2495, to the 2 cal kit at $1499.

excellent kit, does accept all glock/glock compatible magazines on the 9mm configuration…


The funny thing is that I had bought the go no go for myself as a ‘stocking stuffer’ and had not run into it after I had installed my new Tactical Innovations barrel with the 1:9 twist. I decided to get the ‘match grade’ bolt to use with my set up so I ended up ‘reordering’ my go no go from Brownell’s today! I should have another care package in a few days . I have a ‘spare’ jig. My creative juices are flowing profusely. I am contemplating using a pair of jigs to encapture a 22 receiver (I can see 22MAG/17HMR STEEL VERSIONS HAPPENING IN THE NEAR FUTURE…) Match grade barrel, bolt w/double recoil springs so constant steady pressures flow and a ‘zero drag’ occurs during blowback cycle! It will be ‘canned’ and varmit ready… My dinner is waiting! Big smiles!

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dam im outta likes again :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved:


Conversion kit includes bolt barrel lower receiver in 45/10mm finely talk to a tech in areo survivel rifle sending in rifle next week when i get back from work. This is round 3. first replaced all internal parts
Still won’t eject after 4 or more rounds. Second sent in they replaced rifle now it works as advertise. Third order conversion kit now it wont feed with this kit. First send it back next week. Who knows tech seem to think bolt and barrel. Just hope when they fix this im not starting over with the 9mm again. Stay away from this firearm it nothing but a migraine for me . Almost bought just right carbine in 10mm and i can get it for $521.00 compared to 750 with tax . I might end up buying it anyway so i have a 100% running firearm. Man if i had to defend myself with this ill have a better chance with slingshot wow.


Oh yes i did swap out six different magazines. No dice thank god i have plenty of other firearms. Ill be up SHT creek basking in it lol


your going to send em the kit in 10mm and the 9mm set up, so they make sure both of em cycle correct?

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