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Aero Precision Build Sets


Anyone have any experience with the aero precision build sets? Looking to build an AR 10 this year and was looking at the build sets. For 500 you get a stripped lower, complete upper and floating hand guard.


I have heard good things about them!


That’s good to hear. Looks like this is gonna be a year long build for me.


Heard good things about AREO. might try one later in the year, in the middle of a PSA build currently, as they local,. 15 min away, and i can 1 piece at a time it…


That’s my plan with this build. I priced it out and the whole rifle complete with furniture and optics is gonna cost about 2 grand if I don’t get anything on sale


Just ordered my first part. An 18 inch stainless fluted barrel. Found on sale for 107!


I have found some of Brownells components to be good quality stuff at a reasonable rate. I got my 20 inch "top end barrel form them, cost half as much as some of the other barrels I was looking at. 20 inches, 8:1 Twist, 5R barrel. No one had a decent 20 inch with those specs, that was under $400, Think I end caught on sale for $225. That was a few years ago.