Admin Needed for the Forum


Do to my own small business picking up I have to step down as admin for this great forum. I’m not sure if Chris has talked to any of you yet about taking on the duties as administrator. The number one thing is to stay Neutral in all matters. Keeping up with all the post and trying keep it organized is fun to say the least. I will miss the interaction with all of you and hope to get on when time permits and catch up on what is going on in MCARBO land. To all the Brotherhood Thank You for making this an enjoyable and a great learning experience.


Congratulations on the success of your business Ken. I have spent many years as a self employed contractor but I am working a regular job now with great benefits I can’t pass up. I trust we will still see you posting here as a regular forum member, thank you for your time and effort helping get all this off the ground - now approaching 1,500 members already, this is a good thing we have created here. :+1:


Your even, fair hand will be greatly missed. I wish you well in all of your endeavors. R S

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@KM55 I thank you for all the time and effort you have put in. Good luck in your business ventures .

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Thank you for you time, efforts and fairness!! You will be missed!

Good Luck and keep in touch with the forum.

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We all know Kona here and how helpful he’s been with his photo/video documentations. I asked him privately before if he’d be up for a moderator spot, were one to open in the future, and he said he was. Personally, I can’t think of anyone better to be a new moderator. :+1:


@Wedge thank you! This brotherhood means a lot to me and if vested with its care I would do my best. I did message Chris earlier about it as well. I am interested in being a moderator only though. Admin is way too much for me and there’s certainly someone else here that’s perfect for that.


I just PM’d Chris about it, too, and invited you to the message, as well. LOL

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What all extra is involved with being an admin over a regular mod?

And, YES… Thanks to Ken/KM55 for all his hard work here, especially with “Danger Will Robinson” steering all of our ramblings back on target, er, topic. :rofl:


@Wedge my understanding is KM55 was keeping tracking of all the data, the site memory, the threads, the Q&A, reporting back to Chris, and I’m sure much more. A moderator is just there to make sure everyone is following the rules, keeping topics straight, settling disputes etc. I took the admin to be pretty close to running the entire site and moderators answering to him.


Yikes, that is a lot of extra duty. I don’t blame you as I wouldn’t want to do all of that, either. Although, it seems like the forum software should track a lot of those stats automatically or at least make them easy to check.

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Thank you Sir for the Fine Job and Effort’ and Keeping us on the Right Page and Not letting us get lost in B.S.!!:sunglasses:


I wouldn’t mind being a moderator lol I wish

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Great job sir, wish you well in your endeavor!

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yes, Thank you for a job well done and for being gracious enough to volunteer your time to help make the forum what it is.


Congratulations!!! I’d be happy to be an admin. Muzzle brakes for everybody!! @ChrisNelson