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Is the S2K muzzle break available yet?


I thought i would throw in this little anecdotal tidbit about my first gun along with a pic
This is my very first gun. It was the gift given to me by my dad for my 6th birthday in 1971. I hunted with it for the next 6 years and bagged countless Chuckars, Hungarian Partridge, and Mountain Quail (before they became a protected species).
In addition to the bird hunting, I won a few things at local turkey shoots, shooting right along side the adults.
and in 1973, at the age of 8, I shot my way to a 4th place finish at a sponsored trap shoot.

With the exception of one individual, who protested that I should never have been even allowed to shoot with the adults, i earned the respect and support from the trap shooters and hunters alike and was treated as an equal and helped to shape the person i was becoming…
I have had a good many guns since then but in so many ways it still holds the greatest memories i will ever have.
and i’m guessing that it is one very few people have ever seen.
I will let the picture speak for its self as to why I believe it deserves a little mention in the sub 2000 section.

it is the bottom gun in the first pic.


:slight_smile: It wss definetly ahead of its time.


Question … I installed the rear sight without any problems in both of my Sub2K’s … I have actually been using them for quit awhile, without and problems … What I have noticed, is that after a period of time the sight will not rise fully up to the stop position after you unfold the gun and you have to physically move it upwards to the stop position … This is something that I had encountered with the stock sight … What causes this and what is the cure ? … lock tight was initially used … I initially was shooting off target until I realized what the problem was



@Firedog Hi Dennis, I was looking back at some old posts and saw your question about the rear sight not fully rising into position.
It looks like you never received any replies to that question. Did you not get any replies? Did you find the cause or reason for the problem?

If your question slipped between the cracks or was somehow overlooked, I am very sorry, apologize for this over-site, and would like to correct the error.



Question on the Kel-Tec Gen 2 rear peep sight aperture. Research I’ve done indicates a smaller aperture improves accuracy. When I shot my first 50 rounds with my Kel-Tec my groups were very good. Is the larger aperture rear sight designed more for a home defense situation versus a little longer distance targets with the smaller aperture.

My wife who is petite wants to shoot my Kel-Tec Gen 2 and I want her to enjoy shooting with better accuracy.

I’d appreciate everyone’s feedback.



Kel Tec Sub 2000 Gen 1 Green Fiber Optic Front Will this work on m series I just got ?


I have the Performance Trigger Job Bundle. I am having a problem with removing the metal collar using the wrench! I attempted going counterclockwise and used alot of force but will not come off! I saw the video regard to no threads on the plastic receiver and how ez it was for Chris to twist it of!! I even called Kel Tec and they do not used blue/red threadlock on it but he said my warranty is void now!! All I want to know what to do?
I called Tech support but too busy or missed the call! Thxs



First and foremost, welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood, Melvin! Secondly, I am sorry that you got this particular customer service at Kel-Tec! I have been in the customer service ‘industry’ for 30 years. My guess is that you got someone ‘young/new’ to the field. I say this because of the statement that you made…

Kel Tec does not use red or blue loctite and warranty voided (same sentence!) Had I gotten this agent on the phone, I would have run up and down his backside and spoken to a surpervisor!

I am sure that it is NOT Kel Tec’s policy to ‘steer clear’ of ANY customer’s concern? I would calmly call back and speak to a supervisor and suggest that you are new to the firearm and that you had not been able to disassemble your firearm for an MCarbo ‘upgrade.’ They will probably give you ‘technical recommendations’ to assist you and if you are STILL having ‘challenges,’ to forward your firearm to them (giving you an RMA number and mailing instructions?) All the best and happy shooting.


@MelNunn Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.

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Does anybody know if the sub2000 comes already sighted in with the sights it has on it, and if so at what yardage? Thanks guys!

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Hi. I am new to all of this and wondering what modifications people are making to the front sight of their Sub 2000? It sure would be nice to have an orange sight without stealing Halloween nail polish from my granddaughter.

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Hi Brother,
To date I have ordered and installed the following on my Kel-Tec sub 2000

  1. muzzle brake
  2. butt stock pad
  3. rear peep sight
  4. recoil pad buffer
  5. rapid deployment latch
    The videos were excellent, I can’t wait to get to the shooting range
    Thanks Again
    Bob August
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So, I am wondering if MCARBO will consider making a red dot amplifier mount. The current mount is a great option for the collapsing of the weapon. I have seen some great red dot optics to attach but if you want something like the holosun HS503G which is affordable but want to shoot longer range you need a amplifier to assist. So is it feasible to consider possibly making a mount like the mcarbo one that would be able to affix on the weapon to hold a amplifier for such affordable optics. Just a thought, thanks for any input. Sincerely, Mike…

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The idea sounds good but just how far out do you want to shoot a 9mm or .40 cal? I shoot my 9mm with a Holosun HS503GU out to 100 yards fairly accurately. Much beyond that point you may as well throw stones.
Guess it just depends on if you are building a rifle for competition or defense. As a competition gun I can see the need for a magnifier. As a defense weapon I don’t. I bought my S2K’s for compactness and rapid deployment. Putting much more than the sight I have on it will take away even more from my requirement for compactness than the Holosun already does.
If you will be using it for competition and compactness isn’t a concern then you have a good idea but because of the weight of the sight and magnifier you may want to go with a fixed mount and give up the idea of a foldable rifle and mount.
Just my 2 cents worth. I’m sure there’s smarter people than me out there that could come up with something.

Good point not really i would say designed for competition shooting. Just a thought was all, getting the juices flowing you could say. Thanks for the input…

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Have you had any alignment or maintaining zero issues with your holosun?

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Not at all. Before I installed the MCARBO mount I did have to file the rail flat on the rifle to get the sight stable. If you look close there is a slight crown on the S2K rail that prevented the Holosun from mounting rock solid. Once I filed that crown flat it was perfect but I couldn’t completely fold the S2K. I was able to test the pre release MCARBO optic mount and instantly knew I had to have one. Put my name on the waiting list and received one from the first batch that went out. Once I got it, I mounted it and haven’t looked back. The mount and sight have held zero perfectly which honestly surprised me. This S2K is kept in my GHB. It is carried daily in and out of my office and vehicle more or less tossed around in the GHB. So far, it has always been dead on when I’ve pulled it out to shoot.
Heres a photo of where I filed down the crown to mount the sight before I got the MCARBO optic mount.


This might help