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Is the S2K muzzle break available yet?


I thought i would throw in this little anecdotal tidbit about my first gun along with a pic
This is my very first gun. It was the gift given to me by my dad for my 6th birthday in 1971. I hunted with it for the next 6 years and bagged countless Chuckars, Hungarian Partridge, and Mountain Quail (before they became a protected species).
In addition to the bird hunting, I won a few things at local turkey shoots, shooting right along side the adults.
and in 1973, at the age of 8, I shot my way to a 4th place finish at a sponsored trap shoot.

With the exception of one individual, who protested that I should never have been even allowed to shoot with the adults, i earned the respect and support from the trap shooters and hunters alike and was treated as an equal and helped to shape the person i was becoming…
I have had a good many guns since then but in so many ways it still holds the greatest memories i will ever have.
and i’m guessing that it is one very few people have ever seen.
I will let the picture speak for its self as to why I believe it deserves a little mention in the sub 2000 section.

it is the bottom gun in the first pic.


:slight_smile: It wss definetly ahead of its time.


Question … I installed the rear sight without any problems in both of my Sub2K’s … I have actually been using them for quit awhile, without and problems … What I have noticed, is that after a period of time the sight will not rise fully up to the stop position after you unfold the gun and you have to physically move it upwards to the stop position … This is something that I had encountered with the stock sight … What causes this and what is the cure ? … lock tight was initially used … I initially was shooting off target until I realized what the problem was



@Firedog Hi Dennis, I was looking back at some old posts and saw your question about the rear sight not fully rising into position.
It looks like you never received any replies to that question. Did you not get any replies? Did you find the cause or reason for the problem?

If your question slipped between the cracks or was somehow overlooked, I am very sorry, apologize for this over-site, and would like to correct the error.



Question on the Kel-Tec Gen 2 rear peep sight aperture. Research I’ve done indicates a smaller aperture improves accuracy. When I shot my first 50 rounds with my Kel-Tec my groups were very good. Is the larger aperture rear sight designed more for a home defense situation versus a little longer distance targets with the smaller aperture.

My wife who is petite wants to shoot my Kel-Tec Gen 2 and I want her to enjoy shooting with better accuracy.

I’d appreciate everyone’s feedback.