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Just installed the trigger kit for my wifes P365. Everything went together easy. But the problem is I only went down from a 7.6lb pull to a 6lb pull. Did I goof some where? Went back and checked all the springs and everything is in order. ANY IDEAS?

Sometimes the parts also need some polishing and deburring edges to really see a better reduction in trigger pull. All guns have a different set of challenges, just like people. Personally, I always like to deburr the edges and polish all friction points to get a smoother release on the trigger. Sometime the pull can be heavy, but still much improved with that little bit of elbow grease and TLC.

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This is most likely a burr somewhere in the sear engagement area. Look at all the parts carefully under good lighting. If you see a burr, take some 1000 grit to it for a few light passes (you don’t want to remove a bunch of metal - just take the burr out), then hit it with Flitz and a dremel with a polishing buff. It could also be a spring got bound up a little. In any case it’s definitely worth looking at again.