M*CARBO Brotherhood

About the Mail in Match category

“Mail in Match” Competition contains all necessary/appropriate threads expressly for entries, results, final rulings, current rank and score standings, important organizer/facilitator announcements, etc…



First, thanks to all for your interest, input, votes, desires, observations and everything else you are doing to help the organizers in their efforts putting this together. They have done a great deal of work, behind the scene, in bringing this to everyone.

Please “DO NOT” start any threads or post any conversation in this category.
This category will be the official section, containing everything needed for competitor participation. From beginning rules to final results, and everything between, it will be here.

The finalization of specifics, as of yet undetermined procedures, smoothing out of rough edges, and fine tuning overall is being done.
Every effort is being made, to insure an easy, pleasant, and smooth working system.
That way you can concentrate on your shooting, and put “your name” in that #1 slot.

Please “DO” continue with the conversation, bringing up your concerns, thoughts, suggestions, etc as you have been, in the previous existing threads.

Again, thank you everyone.