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This is an open area to chat about things you like to do that isn’t gun related.

  • Talk about fishing, cars, trucks, camping, whatever just keep it clean and have fun!

And, please, NO political or religious topics. This isn’t any “anything goes” forum. :+1:

As for me and other activities, I’m an R/C nut. I love to fly airplanes, helis, FPV quads, weird VTOL things, etc.


I like to go out on the boat on our local lake. Do a little fishing but mostly just zip around. Thats what the youngest likes to do. I also enjoy my garden in the summer. Nothing beats homegrown veggies, gmo and pesticide free!


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I drove out into the desert earlier to see if I had fixed the extractor problem in my star 31p and while I was driving I had a thought. (although there are those who would dispute that) LOL haha
what do you think of something like a Vid and Pic vault ( I think of it more as a juke box that everyone could upload? or post link to? videos or picture gallery’s about whatever their doing or working on any given day, etc.
For instance I usually run a hi8 video cam mounted in the center of my jeep dash. (have all my camera gear out working on new mounts. go figure}
I could have filmed my drive out across the snake river and out into the desert and back. about an hour give or take.
You could drop by my place, hang out for an hour, go for a short ride with me here in Idaho,
see a little new country, including today, where Evil Knievel tried to jump the snake in 1972 ,
a little shooting in a different environment and back home.

always great to see new places, new wildlife, etc and have a new perspective on the everyday life and surroundings of those we communicate and interact with.

what ya think