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Umm, I’m not really new… But, I didn’t know about this[quote=“ChrisNelson, post:1, topic:34”]
New Users can introduce themselves here as well.

Hello, my name is Bob, I just stumbled upon this and thought I’d drop a line, my passions are firearms, cars, and motorcycles, not necessarily in that order, I like to tinker with new ideas and things that are different but practical such as the s2k. Thanks for reading😊


@Omnivious Just found your post about just finding this topic. So a much overdo Welcome.


I dont currently own a sub 2000 but I have owned a couple, right now I’m modding my hi point 995 carbine, I hope.to eventually get the new bull pup stock but for now I’m just buying after market parts, im waiting on my trigger spring for my 995 hope it wont be too difficult to install, I’ve been a second amendment patriot for 25 years now and vowed never to give up the fight, hope to get more informed and to maybe get some firearm advice every now and then.


Hi Everyone, thanks for the invite to the forum.

  1. What have you been shooting(off at) the most lately?
    My mouth
  2. Current projects your working on?
    Big M*CARBO order just placed for a lot of my Kel-Tec stuff
  3. Are you a Veteran or Police Officer?
    National Guard & FL Corrections Officer
  4. Do you shoot any competitions?
  5. Do you own a SUB-2000?

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