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A Sight For Sore Eyes

I installed Tru-Glo’s hybrid tritium/ fibre optic sights on my Glock 19 and my Glock 42.

First pic is the slide where I just removed the rear sight with a sight tool press that I got on the Internets. Front sight is already installed.

Second pic is with the new sight installed.

From start to finish it took maybe 30 minutes.


A-Argh15 You did a nice job installing these sights. It would be hard to beat the sights for a carry gun. R S


I had those same sights installed on my Glock 27 40cal. Excellent sights at a very reasonable price. The combination of the fiber optic in normal to moderate light conditions and the tritium under low to no light.makes it a very versatile sight. Great choice. I had mine installed and then went to the range to test fire. Sights were shooting approx 3 1/2 inches to the left. Went back to my dealer because he has glock sight adjustment tools with very precise readouts (very expensive) but no cost to me for adjusting the sights since I bought them there. For those who may not be aware, there is a formula for determining sight adjustment to zero at 25yds. Sight radius X distance from center of bullseye divided by 900 (no. of inches in 25yds) My adjustment was 0.0262 inches to the right. Back to the range - Dead on.


Never mind. My dog could install sights on a Glock it’s so easy especially with a sight pusher.


It must be a Dachshund. Those fur-covered alligators are crafty.


Dane - thanks for the formula. If I start missing the steel at the range I’ll get out your formula, my digital calipers and the sight-press tool.


BTW - In addition to torqueing down the front & back sights, I also added a tiny dab of blue Loctite to each sight prior to torqueing. It should keep it from becoming fuxated.


Got some tru glos for my G43 that will be getting installed maybe this weekend. I went standard night sights to keep the spread between sights as far as possible. Meprolights on my G19, love those. Yeah, Glocks sight installs are pretty easy, and a little blue loctite will be going on the rear once I’m sighted in. Front gets loctite on initial install.
Love a nice fiber optic sight though, yours look sweet.


Matt - these sights are a sorta “hybrid” sight. They’re both Tritium night sights and fibre-optic for daytime. Since the’re hybrid, I refer to them as Caitlyn Sights. :laughing:


Nice combo to have, lol at the moniker. My weekend…replacement mini 14, did my gas mods saturday, perfect…spent 4 hours looking for muzzle brace yesterday…my house is a lot cleaner now, and finally found the brace, totally not where I remembered putting it. Lost my glock sight tool, so ordered one saturday. Installed rear night sight and zeroed it in. New tool came today…TWICE…so that was sweet. Now I can lose another and still have one, woot.



I run them on my M&P. As the trits fail on my 1911s, its gonna be Caitlins all around. I like’m.


I got my buddy a set for his birthday, it’s on my wish list for my shield, I already have the hi viz fiber optic because it’s the performance center but that tritium is very nice in the dark👍



Hello A-Argh15;

I agree, these are great sights, the best of both worlds, dim light and no light! The inspiration for installing these was “Hogan’s Ally” amature competition shooting in low to no light shooting situations, worked very well. Here they are on my EDC CZ PCR.