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A Question For The Members


I use the carbides as well index-ableindexable%20end%20mill , on 3/8 and up (just change the tip when its done. inserts are more cost effective on the Larger stuff. everything smaller i use solid carbide…


@Texprep, there was mention of ‘birds nest’ and that slowing the process. I guess the bottom line is patience for the best outcome. One will still need to follow up with a razor blade for clean up. More passes on the aluminum housing. Would you think there is a sufficient weight reduction. I am sure both receivers are equally matched in weight. I still have research to do. I know that I can get this AR build at around 4 lbs or less… At least that is my goal. It will be my first build. Pray that I am not asking for too much? Big smiles!


I buy mine for a reason, I treat them the best I can, but don’t baby them. With the exception of the stuff kommiefornia is trying to ban or make extremely hard to get (handguns are a exception and every month we loose more and more off the roster). Not impulse buys by any means, it is just making me build the ar platforms more quicker then I want to. 3 left to build.


@CatFood Understandable. Maryland wants 300 blackout platform. 556 are less costly. See a pattern forming?


The plastic lowers are a little bit lighter, but not that much. I went with an aluminum forging because it’s stronger than aluminum castings and more rigid than plastic. I was a little afraid of the plastic lowers because I have seen some crack where the upper pins to the lower. That was a known problem with the earlier plastic composites that were used, but think the better plastics being used now don’t have that problem. I’m old so I’m a little slow changing to some of these new materials. Heck, it was 20 years after Glocks came out before I’d buy a plastic pistol. I will admit that I still cringe when I see slow motion videos of plastic lowers on pistols and AR’s being fired. There is a lot more flex in them than in metal lowers.


@Texprep, I hope with my aging that I dont CREEK as much as you do… I still like ‘showing’ my stealth mode! LMAO I had thought that same way too years before I bought my Glock. I love it and have completely rebuilt that a few times. I got enough parts to finish an 80% and keep a few dollars in my pocket! Big smiles.


I’m beyond creeking, now it’s pops and cracks.:skull:


hell im happy if it dont fall off…


I was buttoning my shirt this morning and the button fell off;

I picked up my briefcase and the handle came off;

I tried to open the door and the door knob fell off;

Now I’m afraid to Pee.


Hey Goblin, thanks for explaining this, I was kind of confused as to how all those AR showed up!!!



Almost all of my guns have very specific purposes. A few of them, however, I bought just to have.