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A Question For The Members


I have been wondering do poeple gun buy gun to be in the in crowd buy the newest it gun so you can say I owe it or do you buy your weapons like there part of the family for me every gun ,rifle or shotgun own have been with me for last least 15 years newest is the Kel tec s2k I ve owned it just over 2 years I haven’t had any issues with it and after invest all the money in mcarbo parts will keep it for a long time more than likely my kids will get it


I’m sure we’ve all run into someone like that but I’m like you, all my guns are personal to me. They were chosen for their particular function, form…and I’m not an early adopter either. Sub2000 was out for years before I ever saw one, and years after that before I bought one. In fact, all my guns were out years before I obtained them.

Not the latest, but not relics either. :grin:


@Jefft1967 I buy my guns to serve a purpose ie: concealed carry , home defense , zombie apocalypse , civil unrest… or it is just a cool gun, like the S2K. One of my most endearing qualities , or so i’m told, is I never go along with the IN CROWD . :rofl:


I ll even say am slow to buy new ones I do my research and ask around even go to range to rent gun am looking to buy


I’ve made a few impulse buys over the years and sold some i regretted selling and some I was glad to be rid of. If I buy it now, it’s gonna be for shooting a ton. My gun buying to have it sit around and do nothing is over. I still have some I never shoot and will never sell though. Probably my favorite gun is my Beretta 84FS Cheetah .380 in nickel. I’ve shot it twice but it mostly just rests looking all pretty.


I’ve got a couple 38 revolvers just sitting around looking pretty think it’s time they make room for some new lady’s in the safe


most firearms I have are from swaps, trades, or divorce sales. some i got cheap because they were problem children, that i worked out. very few new ones, ones i did,a Ruger #1 in 45/70, a H&K USP SOCOM, couple of AR’s I built from parts, (300acc,556,7.62) contender barrels and the like. my current shotgun favorite, is a PW87, copy of a lever 1887 Winchester shotgun) couldnt afford a old one, bought this one from a guy that did a impulse buy and regretted it, paid him 125$ and hadnt had a full box of shells ran thru it. before i shot it, lapped every part in the gun, changed the springs out to better ones, modified the lever big loop, now its as smoothe as butter, and a joy to shoot. my model 29 smith was a out of time, rusty hammer when i got it, sent it out for a retime, and internal rebuild, I polished out the workings before sending out, fired 100 rounds thru it to ensure smooth operation, sent it back out for a matte reblue. all mine just about have a story to go with em, all of em have a purpose.


Thats a great question @Jefft1967
every one of my guns is a valued family member. Like you I have had all mine at least 15 yrs and most a good deal longer than that. The exception being my s2k, star 31p, and a Stoger shotgun within the last year or so.
All of my guns have a purpose (mainly hunting). They are used to their full potential and expected to perform in that capacity. I have been shooting my Remington 30/06 and all three of my 870’s (410, 20, 12) since the 1970’s along with others and my Ruger m77 .223 since the early 90’s.
From Chukar hunting the lava canyons, to chasing elk and desert muleys in a open Jeep full of snow, every one has stood solid against the harshest Idaho conditions there are.
That makes them family in my book.


My guns are purchased with a purpose. In all my years of buying and selling various guns was to be able to have hands on knowledge to make a decisions.

I have really never bought a gun new gun on the fly as I like to see them build a reputation good or bad.

I have finally come to a point where I know what calibers I want to reload for and which guns provide multiple functions.

I do have a couple of guns that are for range fun because of how nice the trigger and accuracy they provide.


I’m not really in to latest and greatest but I’m also not one to get sentimental about guns, I see them as tools unless it’s something special, kinda like a car, a tool is here to be used for a purpose and not for babying but at the same time, not abused. And then there are those firearms and cars that are just beautiful and should be cherrished and taken care of, I don’t have any of those yet because I can’t afford it but some day I hope to own some classics such as a nice 1911 or a classic stingray Corvette.


Same here in my “older” years. I recently traded off an Interarms Walther PPK/S that I bought 20+ years ago. Why? Because, when I bought it, I was young and OMFG James Bond gun! It was actually my 2nd handgun ever. It was wicked snappy (blowback) to shoot, tore the crap out of the web of my hand (slide bite) and was way too big/heavy for the low capacity .380 payload it carried. Traded it for a Glock 43, which is no bigger (much slimmer), much lighter, tilting locked breech design with even less recoil and in full 9mm. Now, that’s a workin’ carry gun that actually sees daily use. The Walther lived in the safe and hadn’t been shot in 10+ years, so it had to go even though it was a well made and beautiful pistol. :+1:


Yeah all my guns I have serve a purpose the two 38 revolvers I have have been collecting dust but I’ve had since late 80s but I don’t have anything I want or need rite now


No problem, some things just never go out of style😄


Man I got rifles like a golfer has clubs, one for every occasion. :grin:


Yes! I also see my weapons as tools. Each weapon has both place and purpose. Maintaining them insures that the tool will perform as needed when needed. I have only two weapons that could possibly be considered “classic”. A Winchester model 1898 38-40 lever carbine, and a WWII Geweher 98 Mauser which has been “sporter-ized” into a very accurate hunting rifle.


Tool with a purpose I like that


I buy guns because I like guns. Some serve legitimate needs, others i bought because i thought they were interesting, some just because i got a deal on them, some i buy because theyre collectable, and others i buy so i have a gunsmithing project to work on.


Gunsmithing is something I want to start learning


Jeff that is why there is a gunsmithing section here. Come on board your invited. R S


I meant real school I do enjoy that section I want to know more