M*CARBO Brotherhood

A note of encouragment and support to new members

First I would like to welcome and thank every new member for joining the brotherhood and our forum.

Every person has their original reason for joining any forum and each have reasons for the degree of participation or lack thereof , that are unique.

I understand some are just looking for an answer or advice to a specific question and nothing further.

However, there are many other reasons a person doesn’t participate as well. These are just a few.
Those who have had bad experience with forums and other interactive or social formats in the past.
Those who have found many forums to be populated with know-it-alls and statistic quoters, or they were treated like outsiders and 2nd class.
Those that aren’t computer, internet, and tech people.
Those that are shy or uncomfortable when meeting new people or joining a group of people that already know each other.

I want to encourage you to not let these things keep you from being an active part of of this Brotherhood and the forum. If you give it a chance, I know you will be pleasantly surprised and glad you did.

Our membership includes those of every age, every level of computer and internet savvy, every level of gun ownership and interest, and represent not only the U.S. but also countries such as Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

There are great subjects and topics for everyone, the people here are worthy of getting to know, and want you to be a part of the group and discussion.

Please, don’t deny yourself all that is here or us all that you have to offer, by being held back for any of the reasons I mentioned above.

Don’t just be a member, be a part. I look forward to seeing you on the site in the future.






As a new member all very good points.

I am enjoying the people I have meet on M*CARBO.

More importantly a have got some very good information.

As 2nd Amendment Patriot who has always “load the Gun, shoot the gun”, never worked on the gun or ammunition, this is why I’m here.

It started with Chris on his You Tube video about a trigger job on a Ruger. Good People.

Thanks for the words of encouragement


@Captainjack88 Your very welcome Anthony.
I 'm happy to hear you have enjoyed being here, liked the members you have meet so far, and have received useful, quality information.

This site has a large amount of content, and it contains much more than just simple questions, answers and dry technical information.
There is not only the nuts and bolts information of discussion but so much more. You will find other members with common interests, experiences and memories.
There are stories of families and their histories, that include “Decorated Soldiers” of this country. There are many great tales , pictures, and recollections plus a little good old fashioned humor, fun, and non-sense on occasion.

None of us here wants anyone to not be a part because of bad experience elsewhere in the past, or dismiss the rest of the site beyond the specific bit of info they were looking for, without taking the time to look further.

It’s worth a deeper look, before deciding not to be an active part. There is a lot to miss out on, without taking the time.


That deserves a Here here!!!



I am glad you beat me to the punch… I know that some of my posts have been known to be quite lengthy? I could not have stated a NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT any better! I would ‘suggest’ a member to include a ‘state and town’ in which they reside. I would not mind to get in touch with ‘locals’ to increase my firearms experience. There is nothing like meeting new people and sharing new interests! Maybe that should be added in the membership PREFERENCE information so that we may ‘reach out’ and connect better with OUR Brotherhood? Blessings to ALL and happy shooting!!!


That’s not a bad idea. Just put my location in my profile and it shows up when you click my icon




I did not know where to enter my town and state info so I included it under ‘Optional Name…’ :+1:


@Silverback Thanks Paul.:+1: It’s nice to know where our fellow brothers live. Knowing things like that allow us to better understand the individual person, their personal circumstances in everyday life, and the root of their philosophy, ideals, and perspective of the world.
To really understand and appreciate someone, their thoughts and beliefs, it’s best to know where they are coming from and why.



Now Jeff, I am just interested in RANGE PARTNERS!!! I couldn’t care less if they are MY BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!!! :cowboy_hat_face:



Besides, @GOBLIN, Buck won’t want to share just any BOOB, from OUR surrogate mother??? :thinking:


@lonewolf There should be someone out there in your area. I would do the same but there isn’t even a range here. LOL



I believe there are about 5 (public) in-door ranges in MD and they are GROSSLY over-priced on an hourly rate. I had gone to Horst and McCann in Bel Air until a ‘fatal incident’ happened… Since then, I had gone a few times out-of-state. After all these recent builds, I am starting to get an ‘itch’ that needs to be scratched! I am getting my gunbag together and see where I will end up? Maybe I’ll hit up @chilipepper and head towards the beach (though after living in Margate, NJ for 19 years, I don’t have any sand in my shoes!) :grinning:


I lived in frederick for about 30 years before coming back home to take care of my mom.

There alot of nice outdoor ranges in marylad.
Cressop rifle club in frederick and happ in Westminster.

Just did a search of ranges in Maryland. I cant believe my eyes. There is an in door range in frederick as well.



Before I joined I noticed there were no post counts next to names and believe me i looked. Seems other places high post count equates to intelligence for some reason.but here members actually carry on a conversation with each other.




MCarbo is not just a ‘forum…’ It IS a TRUE brotherhood!!!:+1: Just wait until (this site) ‘echoes’ the truth! Welcome and glad you are a part of OUR team… Happy shooting and ‘shine like the stars!’ :cowboy_hat_face:


@Fubar45 There is a user page that does have all that kind of data, but that’s not what determines or indicates the value of any one persons contributions over another. . The members here do carry on real conversations and are here for each other. The goal is always to promote and maintain a quality environment and productive content.
The forums rules and guidelines for behavior and conduct, and the zero tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior being upheld by our members, has resulted in a site that is a grade above others around the net. The quality of our membership is unsurpassed.
As @lonewolf said. it truly feels like a brotherhood.

The fact that you both looked for, and noticed those things, proves that past experience as well as how we conduct ourselves can and does influence how a person percieves any site, including ours.

Very happy to have you be a part of our group.:+1::smile:


I am not an expert.
My interest in guns is life long as I got my first BB rifle at 6 and my first .22 at 10.

I like to watch birds (not shoot them). I sit on the porch as I am now and often hook into friends on the web.


@YardCrap Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.


Welcome to the brotherhood.