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A new S2K - Boron Nitride finish - Disappointment too

Picked up from my FFL and the parts look like this:

I found 2 chips, they must have been gouging every time somebody tried to cock it.

I haven’t even fired it yet.

Anybody else’s sub come to them all gouged up?

Oh, and a recalled barrel too, of course. I’ll never get to fire it.

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@BlackWolf42 Can’t really comment on the finish and 2 chips other than make them aware of it when it goes back to the mothership. They should make it right. My beef would be with the shyster dealer who sells a product that is under recall just so he doesn’t have to deal with sending it back. Hope you get to enjoy your sub soon.

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I would definitely contact customer service and let them know what happened. I would not stop until you are satisfied!! If it didn’t look like that when it left your possession, then they need to be held responsible. I believe Kel-Tec is a great company but overwhelmed with this recall. Hope things work out for you and your sub!!

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I’d definitely call Kel-Tec about the recall. Kel-Tec has told others that none of the nickel boron barrels were affected even if they were on the list because they came from a different supplier. As for the finish, I wouldn’t be surprised if that just happens again very quickly from firing it.


No chips, but my nickel boron has scuff marks in different places, which was disappointing. They aren’t going to come out. Don’t know if it was part of annodization process, assembly process, or just the not so good packaging of the firearm from Kel-Tec. Don’t think packaging is robust enough to send UPS or FedEx without overpack. I did contact seller to assure barrel wasn’t under recall before I bought.
Note: Talked to Keltec at NRA meeting in Dallas, and they said they were having problem with barrel supplier (quality of nickel boron annodization) and they were working it, that’s why NB not so available right now.


Keltec replied to my ticket with an email asking me to send them the info and receipts. Maybe I’ll qualify for a free return shipping label!

I don’t know if it would be right to name the GunBroker.com seller (huge volume seller) unless you guys want to know.

Wedge: Good to know that the Ni-B barrels aren’t an issue and they shouldn’t KB on me. I still want KelTec to rectify this; part of me says just run it and keep it lubed good so moisture doesn’t oxidize the exposed steel and the other part says they need to fix it. I’m certain the NiB will get scratched with a new rifle but no gouges as deep as here.

Wish I had a gauge but some of the gouges have to exceed .015 in depth.

I’ve also considered sending it to FPM or Robar or Whomever does heat treating around here for an exotic finish but the SN on the tube would get wiped out when the NiB is removed to prep with sand/bead blasting…

No - Keltec needs to make this better. Shit - I have a TON of stuff on it’s way from the MCARBO 4th Sale.

Since I qualify for a recall, they should send me TWO 10 round magazines for compensation (LOL - Hicaps are allowed here)



Unfortunately! True Story,It will happen again due to the fact I think that they need to spend a little more time on the Internal Finish of the tube and include a Honing in the process,To Prevent this my none (Boron Nitride) bolt was Ugly so I got a wheel cylinder hone and Honed the tube assembly and polished the bolt assembly.
Then as someone Below Mention !! Kel Tec needs to find a company that can do the Boron Nitride Finish Better.

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Just please be sure to call them and verify your exact serial number to be sure. :+1:


I have the S2K gen 2 with nickel boron finish and it to was recalled. Sent it in to Kel-Tec and got it back 2 weeks later saying the same thing. The NiB coated barrels were not affected because they came from a different batch of barrel blanks. Seems to me with proper record keeping Kel-Tec should know which barrels were affected. As far as the NiB finish, mine is pretty good. Only wear I’m seeing on the finish is some slight “polishing” on the BCG. Finish actually seems pretty tough. My S2K is kept in my GHB and gets tossed around frequently without any damage to the finish. The whole reason I wanted the NiB finish was because it would be exposed to all sorts of environments and I didn’t want to have to worry about corrosion. So far, so good.


I found the ORIGINAL document that Kel-Tec put out before they changed their system to a SN lookup. My carbine was not on the recall list. I think all guns made in 2017 are being recalled, not just the ones affected by the recall; they’re just casting their net wide to please the lawyers. The gun is going to get beat to hell anyway.

Kel-Tec doesn’t want me to return the gun because of their mistake of leaving chips inside the receiver, they want to appease the lawyers.

In a message I sent them about the gouges in the tube and BCG, they just told me to “leave a note for our gunsmith to see” - so their priority is to swap the barrels and not address the issues of the finish being messed up… It feels that way.

I’m laying this issue to rest. The gun shoots awesomely thanks to the MCARBO parts. That’s good enough for me. Case closed.