M*CARBO Brotherhood

A Milestone Has Been Reached!


According to the “user” tab membership to this little forum just surpassed the 2000 mark - currently 2002. Do we know who that is? We should commemorate this member with a “2000” moniker or something. It’s been really cool watching this grow and flourish so much in less than a year. Gone are the days of keeping up with every thread lol and here’s to our next year and all the new members! :beers:


User #2000 is @ccaudio1 congrats!


It’s technically skewed because the user count is truly 2009 but the system defaults to 2002 when taking into account suspended users, the discourse bot, and the discourse admin.


The 2000th “regular” member @ccaudio1 congrats and welcome aboard! :clap:


Thank you… gland to be on board


@ccaudio1 2000 congrats good to have you here you will enjoy it brother


@TriggerHappy It is a big milestone and I see @ccaudio1 (Jun) now as Jun-2000. :+1:


welcome aboard ccaudio1, pleasure to make you acquaintance!