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A Hard Days Work ⚒️

Share with the brotherhood photos of your work, job, or just things around the house and projects you have completed. As for me my back ground is in pools. Been at it since I was 12 when my parents owned a pool store. Here’s a few interesting photos of some cool things I have been a part of. The company I work for is responsible for maintaining all bodies of waters at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium the rehab facility hot and cold tubs and the infamous stadium pool


Too Cool’ Nice Pools in the Pictures.:+1:


@DivaMarie thanks bud I can’t even begin to drop a number as far as how many I have done. All over Florida and Georgia We do it start to finish the excavation installation and backfill. Trust me don’t get in this line of work unless you’re a glutton for punishment


@Flogrown My Son worked for the Only Hot Tub Dealer here’ And They sent Him to the Maytag Repair Center in Iowa for Training in the Middle of Winter, High Point of All Said he Saw More Ring Necks Pheasants Than we Ever Saw In Eastern Washington, And to this day is the only Factory Trained Tech, My little Maytag Man.:sunglasses:


@DivaMarie I won’t touch troubleshooting a hot tub. Requires more pattience than I am willing to give. Tight spaces and just in general a major pain in the @$$. If he is the only tech in the area though he has to be on a pretty decent demand especially in the great article North up there lol


This is an equipment room for a huge commercial facility I take care of freaking filters for days horizontal high rate sand filters pain in the @$$ to backwash


@Flogrown I just rebuilt my 1997 Hot Springs Hot Spot 2 Hot Tub last winter, new pump, some sensors and some switches and I don’t know anything about Hot Tubs…but now I do.


@dave67 oh ya I bet that was fun. It depends on how much room there is but dealing with those thing usually means none. Hot springs is a great manufacturer though at least from my dealings


@Flogrown It’s just a free standing portable unit so access to everything was easy. I can see that if it is built into the floor that access would be difficult.


@dave67 well I’ll be the first to give you props most people these days would just call someone to do it. Self reliance pays off again. I have a feeling most of us here have that mindset though.


Enough about me what does the rest of the brotherhood do let’s see some pics. @Matt I know you have some sweet jobs to show off. @Kona ona has to have some good ones too.


@Flogrown I’ve been installing tile for over 28 years, here’s my buddy’s bath I did last winter. The floor is stenciled concrete tiles.


@dave67 I am jealous of your talent with tile. That’s one thing along with painting I just don’t seem to have the talent or patience for. That is a beautiful pattern and a beautiful job my friend. I have to do tile work every now and then and glad it is only now and then nice work​:+1::trophy:


I’m a finish carpenter. I do high end custom millwork and trim. Here’s an a solid oak stair case I’ve been working on today


Not your everyday work! But I got a call couple weeks ago for two live dates: corporate Christmas party Dec. 21 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno; and New Year’s Eve in Alturas, CA. Country/Rock band, chick lead singer, lead guitar sings. They’re pretty rockin’. Forty four songs (I know 20!) so it’s a slog fest 2-3 hours a day with the headphones and YouTube’s plus two more rehearsals with the full band. It’s a workout fowshow!!:sweat_smile:

(I’ll try and get videos at the show but it’s really hard, usually got our hands full just trying to play.)


smaller holeshooter/drill press i worked on. rebuilt tha mag switch, un-jammed rewelded and recut teeth, case hardened the gears…

got it un-jammed and fixed the linkage.

this is the power head, with the operator i taught how to use and maintain the machine.
11"column 5’ run on the powerhead. 1939 model. beautiful machine…


I used to be the maintenance supervisor at a resort here where I live. Was also the pool/spa and water system operator. Parts of the property were pretty old and some brand new. @Flogrown they had almost every different type of filtration and chlorination there is I think and the drinking water came from a lake and was slow sand filtration (three big concrete cells with varying grades of gravel and sand that the lake water percolated down through to physically filter particulate and the upper portion would develop microbes that would consume any of those pesky giardia cysts and bacteria etc. Every few months we would have to drain a cell and climb down in it and scrape the “scmutzdeck” off the surface with scoop shovels. One of my biggest accomplishments there was overseeing the installation of an all new free form pool and spa with flagstone deck. It was really cool watching the crew shape the rebar and then laying in the shotcrete. I spent many years as a self employed contractor and built everything from a solar powered outhouse to decks, garages, and a few complete homes. Concrete to carpet - I have done it all and now I am a tired, wore out maintenance/custodian at our Jr, Sr. High School. lol Tonight I changed the filters, lubed, and adjusted the drive belt in the big air handler for the gym - tomorrow night I am pulling a plugged urinal oh boy :grinning: :+1:

Sun Mtn Lodge




@Flogrown And I Assume they are Heavy as Hell,With Silt Etc. Back Flushing with a High Volume Pressure Washer?:frowning:

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@GOBLIN I love old equipment like that. When I was a senior in HS I had 3 woodshop classes and one I was shop maintenance and with my teachers help we restored an old Walker - Turner bandsaw and got it running like a dream…


Damn @Boomchucker good stuff man! And thank you for reminding me that I used to really like Kenny Wayne Shepard… :+1: