M*CARBO Brotherhood

A Great day at the range

Today went to the gun range and it was great. Shot my new Sub 2000 with the Mcarbo recoil less charging handle kit and buffer. Sights were just dead on no adjustments needed. Also shot my SCCY with the Mcarbo trigger spring kit. Second time shooting with trigger spring kit. Just having a really good time. No FTF or FTE. Every thing went well like a well oiled machine.


Had a great day at the range myself. Took my Glock 22 and 27 and my Ruger EC9s and about 300 rounds of ammo. Shot 100 through the Ruger without a hiccup. Both Glocks shot 100 rounds each and the only reason I am not still there is due to my arthritis in my hands my hands started hurting from loading the magazines, think it might be time to dig out the boxes and grab the loading tool for the Glocks, wonder if the one for my G-19 will work for the Ruger? Now all the guns are relaxing in the hot tub (ultra sonic cleaner) soaking in Ed’sRed cleaning juice.


The Maglula will work for single stacks though is a bit wobbly. They make an adapter to help stabilize single stack mags but I have not used one.


I spent most of the day at the range today. I haven’t been able to shoot since before Thanksgiving,so I thought I’d be a little rusty.
Started off on the rifle range shooting 3 of my custom builds and my Savage 12 FLVSS 223. I didn’t shoot them as well as they usually shoot,but still shot under MOA with them all. The other 3 are 7mm-08, 22 Creedmoor,and 6.5 Creedmoor. I only shoot hand loads out of my rifles,and I needed to chronograph two loads that I developed for the 7mm-08 with my MagnetoSpeed V3…

After playing with the long guns,I broke out the Sub 2k 40 S&W to dial in the Romeo 5 as good as I could. I’ve only shot this gun once,and I was shooting steel at 25 & 50 yards,but we were just plinking for fun with it. After I got the Romeo 5 dialed in, I shot two 15 rd mags into a 3" shoot & see dot at 30 yards with only two shots outside the target.
This little carbine will shoot good after you put all the MCARBO goodies in it,but I’m going to have to install a brass deflector on it. Since I mainly shoot LH,the cases were hitting my right arm,and 3 of them actually burned me.

Next I shot my Springfield EMP 40 and FNP 40 pistols. The EMP 40 shot great,but I really sucked shooting the FNP 40, Guess I need to start shooting all of my handguns more often,I was almost embarrassed the way I shot the FNP 40! It was a great range day.