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A Different Way To Install S2K Safety Pin

Once grip is reassembled and ready to install safety pin, from the ejector side, using a suitable tool push triggerbar into the SAFE position and pull trigger to rear and hold. Drop safety pin in and use MARS RENTRY method of installing detente pin.


Okay, this is why I try to visit this forum daily. I’m always learning some new tip or trick that makes life easier when working on my S2K. Thanks for the info!! :grinning:

OBW is that a Gen 1 S2k in the photo?

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it is a Gen2 S2K .40

Bought my Gen 2 9mm to have equivalent ammo for CZ pistols. Annnnnd, now I’m getting an itch for S2K in .40 cal. Dang!! really don’t want to buy another pistol/ammo to pair up with the .40. But, the itch is getting worse. :hot_face:


There is medication for that but side effects are sometimes terminal.



My guess is the medication is quite costly??? LMAO


Yes, the medication for that is to go ahead and buy that new gun, get a new holster, more ammo, but the side effects - the wife may kill you.


It can get that way. Psycological, physical, social, financial

You read my mind. Hell buy her 2. Be a loving husband and share.:rofl::beer::beer::beer::heart: