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A Different Take on Revolvers vs. Semi-Autos

Hi all! I thought some of you might enjoy this one.



Agree 100%…In my opinion too often hi cap autos are used in exchange for poor training. I never feel poorly armed with a wheel gun and it is always my choice when I know I am going to kill something…pistol hunting. In most cases for me a revolver is just not as handy to carry.


One thing that comes to mind that might favor the revolver over a semi-auto is if the confrontation distance has closed to zero, in other words, the person you are defending against is literally on you. You can press a revolver into someone’s torso in a struggle and the gun will fire, this may not be the case with a semi-auto. When pressing the gun into the attacker, it’s possible the slide could be forced rearward enough causing an out of battery situation and the gun may malfunction/not fire.


I always enjoy your vid’s HR! Thank you for putting them together.


Do you feel the need to pick up brass (or not) as you exit the area . . .


Ive long been a revolver fan and its what i carry 90% of the time. If the need ever comes to use my sidearm i personally trust my revolver to go bang when need be everytime. Where as there is so much more mechanics to a semi auto and that means more chances for failure. Dont get me wrong i love my semi autos and do carry 1911 sometimes. Its just my preference and i put more faith in my revolvers.