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A cautionary tale

Ok, the old adage that “a deal that looks too good to be true , it probably is” bit me in the behind.

Saw somewhere that a seller named Saul Sports ( https://saulsportshop.olistshops.com/?&page=2) was selling a S&W MP 15T II for $400. Sweet!

So I contacted them about a sale. He told me that it would cost me the 400 plus $20 for shipping. Still a good deal, right?

But then, he tells me that he accepts Zelle, cashapp or bit on. FIRST RED FLAG.

Ok, it’s 2021 and these methods are becoming more acceptable. So I sent the fees as requested. SECOND RED FLAG…I had to send it to someone LADAISHA SMITH.

Greedy dummy that I am, I figured it’s still cool. But my spidey sense tingled. Oh, using Zelle there is little recourse in case of fraud.

I then get a shipment ID from a company called Xeno Express showing a ship-from address in Denver. Looked legit.

Began to track the shipment from Denver to UT to KS to MO. Still not too odd but still tingling.

I went on Google Earth and found the address from which the item was allegedly shipped to be in the middle of an ntersection in Denver. Uh oh.

The other odd thing was that they were shipping the weapon to my home address instead of my local FFL. Odd, but not a big deal.

I then received notification that my shipment was on hold in MO because I needed to have my shipment insured for a $300 fee. Now my spider sense is tingling like a MO for. I have shipped and received things to and from all over the world and never paid insurance that was 75% of the item being shipped.

So I did an internet search of the “carrier” and found a potential scam alert. I’ve been in contact with the shipper and the carrier they are sticking to their fairy tales.

So, I will report it to both the authorities in Colorado and Illinois but kiss my $420 goodbye.

I’d be interested in anyone has been as stupid as me!



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I cant make that into a gif :frowning_face:


OK I see all of your post but what do they mean?


I second that response !


The facebook post gives a name. Abraham Johnson. Does it match the person you tried to call?
May be a lead to a person, or not.
The location is supposed to be a store location. doubtful.
The ICANN is the registry you may lodge a complaint.
The website was created * Created: 2020-02-28 21:39:15 UTC
They are listed on OLISTSHOPS.com so OLIST may be able to assist you in tracking the seller.
URL of the ICANN RDDS Inaccuracy Complaint Form: Submitting a Complaint to ICANN Contractual Compliance - ICANN

All of this may mean nothing, but it might be a start tracking your money.


@Lisavern1 I had a similar thing happen last year. I was looking for a light for my Sub2K. Found a Olight at a considerable discount, like a 50% discount. The address on the webpage for the company said they were in Washington state. They had a phone number that looked legit too, so I placed my order which was for $60 and got a confirmation right away.

About 3 weeks later I got an email saying my order had shipped with a tracking number. I checked the tracking and saw my “light” was shipping from China. I was like WTF?!?! Next I checked the area code for the website and it was a New York code. It was at this time I realized I had probably been scammed. Did a search for this company and saw nothing but reported scams.

Well, when my package finally arrived, it wasn’t the light I had ordered. Instead it was 10 disposable paper face mask. I really wasn’t surprised and by this time I had accepted that if I was scammed it was all on me. Thank God it was only $60.

Hard lesson learned. If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.


Thanks! I will follow up with what you suggested!


We live and learn. Sucks though. Are you or were you a devil doc?


Yep, I was a Corpsman attached to 2nd PLT Fox 2/2 out of Lejeune.

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Great. I was an air traffic controllerat Cherry Point but I actually belonged to MATCU-23 at Bogue Field!


Here is another to watch out for https://springfieldgunsusa.com/


If they don’t take credit cards for payment they don’t get my business and even if they do accept them look very closely for other red flags. Just had one recently that supposedly took CCs but at checkout there was no tax or hazmat charges (for primers). A search showed the “business” was a residential house in NY.