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A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!


got one from desert shield desert storm as well. technically we were not part of the defense.
we just happened to be in Kuwait when it got invaded, that was special LOLOL.


@godallmighty here you go…approved but must be purchased says the citation. Eligibility is from 1945-1991.


And just what were you doing there Buck?

Nevermind…don’t tell me, otherwise you would have to kill me! :grin:


My dear Mr Cuddles, here is the link to get your nice new Cold War ribbon/Medal .



@godallmighty I get redirected says link is ‚Äúnot safe‚ÄĚ ?


@Johnksg we were simply passing thru… always had a habit of being at the wrong place…panama was another…


@Johnksg That’s because it’s a .mil web site. I guess the government thinks they don’t need to use security. There should be something near the bottom of the page that will let you proceed .


@Johnksg I aint seen that on a hat yet, but im sure its comin…




This is basically the meme thread so here haha



@godallmighty You betcha I would! To be young and part of a team again…to be part of something important.

Life an death are simple, combat is simple, paying taxes or qualifying for a mortgage is complicated!

And then there is the feeling of power…looking behind you and seeing birds in the air and armored vehicles stretched across the horizon is pretty awe inspiring!


@Kona I reckon im gonna see about gettin one of these… would work great on girlchilds boyfriends…


You put two marine divisions with a marine airwing in support, plus an the army tiger brigade all on the line, with support from naval battleships and six carrier groups, and I promise you have never seen a greater sight!

We could move mountains…remove any opponent from the battlefield. It was sheer, raw cold war power at its finest!

No one will ever see that again in my lifetime.

I was privileged to play a small part.


and ive heard that some guys have a issue, not me ya unnerstanz… but some of the shallower water guys…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



@GOBLIN you know I like skunks better! Ferocious little mousers and kept the barn and woodshed rodent free!

They are damned smart too.

I have picked up a few orphaned skunks in my life and even brought em in the house…when they start terrorizing the dogs and cat its time to turn em loose.:grin:


Ive got a bobcat decided to stop in for snacks at the feral cats bowl, got him to where he tolerates me gettin within 5 feet, but i aint pushin past that… yet.

one of my friends thats a girl up the road has a 35lb she coon that has the run of her house.
it tolerates me. tolerates. thats about it. she can play with it like its a lil kitten… If shes going out if townm and i feed it for her, I have to be formally introduce before she leaves…