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I had campaign ribbons/medals show up long after the deployments. I was like, “What the heck are these?” I had no clue until I read the citation.


LOL Wedge, ribbons and commendations showed up about the same speed as out mail…




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Some of mine never showed up as they were awarded years after my EAS. I only found out through the VA.




I probably still have some out there, too. We deploying types get a ton of ribbons/medals in the Navy because we’re everywhere, in so many combat zones, campaigns, joint exercises, etc.


@Wedge yeah and some are not issued for years!

When I requested my updated DD214 long form I was shocked to add a whole extra row to my ribbon rack and 2 extra medals.


I had one catch up to me three years ago. from the Cuban boat lift. anyone remember that?LOL


I was about three years down the road at the end of my flight instructor tour when my previous sea going command finally sent me my Standing Naval Forces Med medal for the Kosovo/Bosnia stuff. I had no clue there was even such a thing. LOL


I think that I have a Cold War ribbon due me, are they serious, a Cold War ribbon. Next thing they will have is one for getting through Boot Camp.


Here is what I think is funny…

I have a Bronze Star with “V” but NO combat action ribbon? (Just think about that for a moment…let it sink in.)

It all depends upon your admin, my S1 wasn’t even in the same country as me so I guess I am just SOL!


I believe that was actually a medal!

I know some vets just buy their ribbons and medals that they believe they are due…but if its not onmy DD214 I refuse to do that!