M*CARBO Brotherhood

A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!






ok. ive cooled off 100 rounds later and a double shot of Don Q.
But the SPLC burns my grits.


ok, we have left out over half the population, we need some memes, dedicated to the fairer of the sex.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:disfunctional%20vet%2014 disfunctional%20vet%2027





God Bless our Military Women!

What Are You Watching?



Absolutely love them, er, uh, rifles… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Audie Murphy!! Most decorated soldier of WWII. Often complained to his friends that “Life didn’t have any more juice left”. That happens when you go to long in combat and no way to come down when back in civilian life. Fair winds and following seas, Audie!!




Oh my some good posts and memes here!:grin::+1:

You know once a jarhead always a mouth breathing knuckle dragger I guess…

Therapist at Vet Center once asked me if “I felt bad about the lives I had taken”…my answer was, “no ma’am, only the lil rag-heads that got away!”

(She didn’t like me very much.)


MR CUDDLES welcome back brother!marine%20machine%20gun%20panda


@GOBLIN glad to be back and thank you!

How are you doing?


right now, till the get their grubby mitts on me again, doin fine as frawg hair split three ways…


how bout you, even keel?


@GOBLIN working on fixing the hole I put in the wall with my face.:grin::+1:

But other than that I am good.


ya know of course, its easier to open a window and stick yer head out, drawin a window in crayon doesnt work as well…


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles,