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A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!






Just another day playing in the surf



@godallmighty out of likes for that, but i pulled a couple of 47 degree rolls on MSO 448 in the middle of the north sea once…or twice. invigorating!!!





@godallmighty Im outta likes or i woulda already hit yer pic’s
MSO were designed, to roll over, and re-upright in rough weather. IN theory. that was before they added combat/radio/and a cover on the open bridge.
I was in the pilothouse, relieving the watch on lee helm(controllable pitch) when she took the first one, and slloooooooly settled back, seemed like it hung there for hours, the secong roller hit us, I was watching th bubble on the clinometer, she hit 47 and hung there, and hung there started to creep on over when another cross wave hit us the other way.
she lost all her sweep gear off the fantail, and the magtail cable spun out, and you cold hear it unrolling like a high speed fishing reel…lost the port anchor and chain as well, but the hull held…
Lots of boys found Jesus that night.
we were crossing from England to Holland, with NATO, when we hit a gale, we were Lead boat, the rest turned back, we were point, so we were PONR. we had to ride it thru.

we had a few weeks for refit in Holland, that was special, but for anther time an place,
and the ship had a sadistic cook that came off diesel boats(DBF!!!) he had checked incoming traffic that mornin and served greasy spaghetti for chow…

there wasnt a space on that boat that didnt have half digested spaghetti hangin everywhere…LOLOLOL MSO 448 the " MIGHTY I" some of the best TAD i ever pulled…

the Sea can be a fickle lover, but damn shes fun when shes angry eh Godallmighty?


@GOBLIN The hair on the back of my neck is still standing up. I miss being underway , as they used to say " underway is the only way ". Great story, thanks for sharing .


@GOBLIN The good old days . Raise a glass to the Sea :beers:
Northwind%2061 Northwind%2063


my favorite part was doing this…


gotta throw some Devil Dawg Bait out though…disfunctional%20vet%2012


for all those with a lil snow on the mountain top, not me ya unnerstan, I jus got “frosting”:joy:






@GOBLIN This one just got bumped to the front of the line as being one of my new favorites! :+1::+1:


almost as good as silver bullet lube…



the above products, Silver Bullet Gun oil and and Jihwag ammo, Have both been shut down,
by the SPLCH Southern Poverty Law Center Hatewatch (a FKing hate group in itself) because
it might offend a bunch of R
h**D jockies, because the above products were made using small amounts of pig fat, one shot one soul, they aint going to get their 17 virgins. straight to the fire down below. dont pass go. dont collect 200$ I know we dont get political in here. im trying real hard not to.
but this , for lack of a better word is bullcrap.
Now we got a bunch of hadji loving pencil necked goat ropers, “sayin O we cant hurt their feellings”
I got to go have more than a couple of drinks, and cool off. spring is wound tight as a tick.
Im going to go out and shoot for a while. again, sorry if i offended… this just lights a fire in me, the whole Pc thing. sorry Wedge,Kona I gotta go cool off.