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A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!



The ‘humble’ attribute was something that my father always tried to impress upon me, as a child. Being proud of my father, I was ‘forever’ trying to pry into his military affairs. He was a mechanic with aspirations of becoming an engineer. He had spent three years in college. After that, he was a proprietor of a Texaco Service Station. My ‘humble pie’ beginnings of pumping gasoline for a penny a car!!! Big smiles…




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Sorry if I missed anybody It will only let me mention 10 people in a post


@Johnksg I’m a bourbon guy as well or the clear whiskey is good too. :wink:


FINALLY back brother. long night and a fuzzy head this mornin fever finally broke at the er.EOD%20MEME%2016


@GOBLIN glad to hear it. I see your meme game is still strong!..yup I’d say you’re just fine lol


gettin there brother, gettin there…



I got a better meme , but Kona would slap me stupid for posting it ROFLMAO :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Third Infantry Division! My last Army tour was HHC 2/30 Infantry - “Rock of the Marne”!



Good to hear you are back Buck and doing ok.


Here’s the bolt


converted to breakaway link? last one i fired still used the old style canvas belting for ammo…
most excellent firearm you have there… think i still have a feed box around here somewhere for a 30…


@GOBLIN Jesus Buck how old are you?!


LOLOLOL my uncle had one, a bring back. when i was a kid, I got to fill the belts and on occasion fire it…if they was cookin with gas, them belts would get warm enough to blister your fingers…they did a water cool conversion for those as well…





26 minutes for i can hit likes again. LOLOL My uncle taught me a bunch, used to love that old BAR he had, solid and accurate. I will have a ohio ordnance one ,soon i hope.
he taught me about teardown and use of about 99% of the firearms used in WWII.
the entire collection disappeared when he died, while I was deployed. Its hid up there somewhere. you know how old hillbillies are. and knowing him, its in cosmoline.




I have 1 canvas belt that the previous owner gave to me as well as the dump box for the links.