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A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!


@Johnksg Bouncein 99-101 right now, (hospital doesnt consider it a fever till it hits 101.4 LOL

Ittl be ok brother.



I agree, his commander fought for him all the way to DC…they lost a good man, he was top of his class and a huge moral booster.


@dave67 It would take a bottle of good tequila for me to remember and another bottle for me to admit what happened. :innocent:


@godallmighty or some jack daniels! Is this what has become of us?

Used to be we allowed fighting men some leeway!



Patron Silver is my go to.


@dave67 That should do, just pour it through the internet, ::stuck_out_tongue:




@Johnksg Been there, done that, got the scars. Dang!! I leave to see an old friend off to the happy hunting grounds for a couple days and this thread goes crazy. Been LMAO at all the inter-service ribbing going on. So here’s my toast to all: Jack Daniels, served in fine establishments and questionable joints since 1865!!


@russ are you a level 3 yet? You need a name!


Marines new assault donkey


@Johnksg nah he needs 61 more visits and 5 more topic views


@Kona and I am ALL outta likes! Grrr…:angry:


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles, I gave him one of mine for you :ok_hand:


@godallmighty @Kona so what about the new guy? @Violentmarauder Browning 1919?! Dang that is cool! :grin::+1:


@johnksg is it a clone .22?


The real deal would a lotttttt more than $5500


@Kona Could be…and that in itself would be cool beans! But I think he has the real deal!

Unfortunately since he is a new member and reached his max of posts we will have to wait 24 hours to ask him!:angry:

(He did say was shooting .308 per Israeli mod 1919!)


@Kona dagnabit mod! I know we got rules and all but I would have liked to hear more from this fellow…and I am outta likes again!

Can’t we loosen the rules a little bit? Just a smidge?


@johnksg if I knew how I would. The last thing i want is a crying marine without his crayon pacifier.


@Kona Yeah one of these days Alice! Smack, boom, straight to the moon! :grin::+1:

Crayons are kinda soothing…