M*CARBO Brotherhood

A Brief Essay On Squids Jarheads...And Crayons!

I have realized that some of the brotherhood who have seen the running dialogue over many threads between a certain moderator and myself (whom I shall not name to protect his identity)**_ regarding Marines and crayons may not know what we are debating.

Let me inform you…

@Wedge is a naval officer and a gentleman, a title bestowed upon him by the President of the United States. (And since that title comes from a politician then of course it must be true!) At some point in his career he must have mistaken the intent of the sincere, inspirational messages and pictures us Marines like to draw on navy helicopters and ship bulkheads to boost the spirits of our naval comrades.

Let me explain that Marines worry about our navy service members and take our responsibility to guard and protect them seriously. It is kinda like how an older brother looks out for his kid sister. And being that kind and compassionate “older brother figure” we know what our “little sisters” in the navy like…so we draw penises on their ships and aircraft to brighten their day!

In the navy if you serve in any capacity with the Marines you get a medal. In the Marines if you serve with the navy you get…uh, well you do get “soft serve ice cream!”

And if after a hard day of manly combat protecting our little sisters in the navy from the bad guys with guns; some poor, weary Marine might have mistaken a box of crayons for our issued MREs (and not noticed the difference) I would urge our “sister service” to not be so harsh in their criticism.

For when all hell breaks loose and shit is hitting the fan and their are hostiles “in the wire” just find that calm Marine, run up to him and give him your ammo. (Because besides the occasional crayon all he really needs is more bullets, for that is the one thing that makes him happy!) And that Marine will protect you and show his appreciation for the support of his “sister service” by leaving you endearing messages!

So hopefully I have educated all of the brotherhood about why @Wedge and I are rambling on about crayons and such.

Semper Fi! :grin::grin:

P.S. This excludes Navy Corpsman…they are cool with us jarheads, and any Marine “worth his salt” will make sure a corpsman NEVER buys his own beer!


Awww, you’re just saying that so we don’t talk about you in the secret squirrel moderator forum. :rofl:


dang it, when did they teach Marines how to draw??? most i seen with tha ones i ran around with scratched lines in the dirt with a stick… couldnt give’em somethin to pointy, like a crayon, might poke their eye out…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I think they just started by tracing around their God given “issued equipment” on everything. I always had to squint really hard to see those tiny little drawings. :+1:


@Wedge I hope I gave you a chuckle or two for that is how it was intended.

But I won’t be shocked if I get busted down in rank to “trust level II”.


You’re fine. We just have to keep it PG-13 or less. :+1:


That is why so many of them were so LARGE!


dang it that leaves the “in days of old when Sailors were bold and Marines twart particular” sea chanty out of the conversation then…


wasnt that about the time they started issuing magnifier’s?


Ummm… The biggest skydong ever seen was put up there by a Navy F/A-18. :wink:


I taught middle school don’t know how to get more PG-13 than that? Of course I do realize that in the navy even the Disney movies were censored…


I take it you never pulled a seek and destroy I&I mission in Bangkok…


Watch out for the shims…


Uh…check your six maverick!
The USMC reply to the Navy’s effort!


Lan shell shaun shim… almos as good as monkey meat on a stick ,on J street in Panama…


If a Sailor had layed that profile, it woulda been tha length of tha lake…


@GOBLIN and @Wedge the rivalry between Marines and Navy is a sacred bond that has been in existence ever since the navy got the bright idea to “recruit a bunch of drunks from a tavern in 1775.”

Now I am waiting for the other services to chime in?

(Army just jealous cause they can’t draw sky symbols with an Abraham’s tank!)


hold on, I think i hear the splashing of the Coasties wading into shore from a anchored position…


Sorry, weak sauce. That was a RADAR track skydong only ATC could see on their scopes. We did it physically in smoke/contrails for ALL to see. :smiley:


@Wedge. Okay…you got me on that one!