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9MM Ammo Quality *

Has anyone other than me using factory 9mm ammo had hard primers?

Kimber Micro 9, S&B 9mm RN, 1 in 20 will not detonate and all have what I consider to be shallow firing pin dents. (Even the ones that worked perfectly) I used two different Micro 9 guns too.

Another brand, that were made by a factory reloader using new components, were 100% inoperative. Would not detonate at all. I even recocked and tried it 10 times.

But Winchester bulk rounds worked flawlessly. 100%.

I am using all the questionable ammo in my PAK9. (An AK will kill anything)

Thanks, Dean


I haven’t had any issues yet. S&b, federal, Winchester, aguila. Maybe they are using what ever primers they can find. Like magnum small pistol primers, the cup is as hard as rifle cups.

Maybe check the firing pins for protrusion on the ones that wouldn’t fire the rounds?

With how fast ammo and gun manufactures are pumping crap out I’m leery of proper QC.


After searching the internet, it seems to be fairly common. The cause is easy.

When you pull the trigger, you have some take up. Then it gets to the point where the hammer drops.
During that take up period, the ejector leans forward and allows the firing pin block to drop down and free up the pin for firing. If the ejector was fitted improperly, the firing pin block does not release fully and partly blocks the pin.

Easy check…Drop the magazine and rack and lock the slide to the rear (All with the safety on).
Gently press the firing pin until you can slide the retainer plate and remove the pin with spring.
Drop the slide to battery. Using a flashlight, look into the firing pin bore to see the block.
Is the top corner of the block shiny? The block is dark colored, so the pin is hitting the block partly.
Or in my case, it was beat all to shit.

Some guns work 100% at first then develop this later. My two did it 2 shots out of a box and got worse as time went on.

You can return it to Kimber, or in my case, being a pistolsmith, will fix mine myself. THANKS!


I had some issues with Browning .40 cal range packs. Out of the 200 rounds about 10-20 were cases too long and would not allow the slide to go into battery. With primers, I’ve had some federal 9mm that would not fire. Primer was dented. Then I had the idea to try and fire again. Sure bough it went bang. I pulled the rest from the box and you could visibly see the ones with primers not seated. They had a wobbly when standing on end. The first shot with it would seat the primer properly, the second shot with it went bang.


This is one of my concerns with the ammo manufactures pumping this stuff out as fast as possible. Have you contacted any of them to see what they say?


I contacted Browning and they just blew me off.


Unless your buying a million rounds, i doubt they care


I’m surprised. Thought Browning was a step above. Just bought a bunch of Browning 9mm when I could have bought Winchester. Let you know.


I doubt Browning makes any ammo. Might be Winchester.


I agree. QA is often the first corner cut.


I’m definitely concerned over the quality of the ammo being produced. Winchester and Browning have just issued a recall on 9mm 115 grain FMJ. Guess this also answers the question of who makes Browning ammo. The recall specified bullets may fire but may not have enough energy to exit the barrel. Not a good situation. Winchester says they will either reimburse the money spent or replace the affected ammo. Either way its a PITA. I rather have the ammo rather then the money. Possibly human error trying to produce too much too fast or possibly a QC problem. What about the guys who emptied the boxes, store them in bulk and threw the boxes away?


I know it’s old, but - - -… I have been using ArmscorPrecision for all of my range ammo and it’s always performed flawlessly. I have several different types of Self Defense ammo. Primarily HydraShok, Corbon and Inceptor ARX ammo interspersed. Three round groups, one of each, 3 rounds over and over. In the 45, same thing, but instead of ARX, I have Glaser rounds.

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Yea, I have a recalled box of white box 9mm personal protection. Trying to decide if I want to go through the hassle of sending it back.