9/16x24 jam nut

Anyone know where i can get a 9/16 x24 jam nut to fit .40 cal. M Carbo muzzle break? Before the discontinued for .40 cal, they sent me the right muzzle break, but the jam nut is for 9mm, not .40 cal…i had moved and misplaced the package and found after they stopped supporting .40 cal

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Best I can do is a front sight delete that can work as a jam nut. It is possible that you could cut out a slice to make a jam nut.

Kel Tec sells a similar thread protector that covers front sight and muzzle device threading that could be sliced.

Or … slice off a piece of your thread protector.

9/16x24 is basically a Kel Tec exclusive - this limits profita ility for the aftermarket.

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I believe you can find thin 9x16 by 24 thin jam nuts are also used in a lot of other applications. They are not just made for Kel-Tec. Getting the perfect black color could be a problem but the nut itself is common. Worst case is wrong color and the need to file it a little thinner.


Find him one. I tried. And, I’m pretty good at tracking down obscure crap.

If it’s common - link it.

And, you’re looking for 9/16" x 24 tpi - not sure what a 9x16 by 24 describes.

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Are these what y’all looking for? If, so y’all didn’t look very hard…


Ya i have a nut ordered, but the factory nut has a machined sleeve built into it that slides into the muzzle break itself…for that i might just use a brass spacer

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I tried and failed at amazon and then duck duck go.

Gave near 15 minutes of my life and … failed. Thank you. Reminded me of the time I discovered a leaky valve stem on my track tires at 'bout 7pm the night before a driver’s school. Called a buddy at NAPA and had him wait for me so I could buy the replacement valve stems after-hours. Next I had to find a gas station with a tire machine and an attendant that knew how to use it so I could get that valve stem replaced.

Got to a station that had what I needed. The attendant looked at me like I was stupid. I started to take offense when he wouldn’t take the replacement valve stems I was tryimg to hand him.

He aired up the tire, dunked it in the ta k and confirmed that the valve stem was leaking. Then …he asked me to hand him the 14mm wrench off of his cart. He tightened it 'bout a quarter turn and dunked it again. My facepalm left a mark when I realized the simple solution I’d overlooked.

Dude wouldn’t even let me buy him a sixer. I bet he still gets mileage out of that story.