M*CARBO Brotherhood

$899 SUB2000 With M*CARBO Upgrades?

Just received up my M series. As much as I would have enjoyed doing the mods myself, having MCARBO do the install was well worth it! OK, lets be honest. I wanted my Sub2K to have the MCARBO name on it (and the limited edition certificate)! Support a great company and be a snob at the same time (just kidding about the snob thing).


I was going to buy a Ruger PC and kept on doing research. I started looking into the Sub 2000 and came upon MCARBO. After doing research on all the M mods I decided I would buy an MCARBO version with some extra work, save some money and get their warranty. I haven’t looked back.


Welcome to the show! I’m sure you’ll get continued enjoyment from your sub and you should check out the mail in matches we do. There is one for PCCs.