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80% AR Lowers review with photos

Digging around in the shop, thought I’d share some photos.
First are Noreen Forged Receivers. The AR 15 doesn’t have the rear takedown pocket, but on sale a killer price for “In the white”
All the correct holes, and Noreen has a good rep.

Here is a Noreen AR308, forged, takedown pocket milled in. ONLY place I’ve found large frame lowers that are truly forged. (Not forged billet). Good price.

Anderson AM15, my go to 80% AR15.
Notice the forge mark, little keyhole. Google it!

And a 308 lower from AMT. Billet. You will see this same milling from 99% of the 308 80% receivers out there. Note the wave around the pin holes. We have built 3 ARs on these large frame 80s so far, no complaints other then the funky Billet look.

A couple of upper photos


Sweet write up,
but I have never seen calipers that show fractions. What kind are they? I know a couple people who could use them.


I don’t know where I got those, most are mm and decimal inch. Had to dig them out for the photos because high rail/low rail measurements are usually in fraction but center of bore to top is decimal. Did the math, even though the 308 upper rail was bigger then 1/8" thick, from center of bore it measured DPMS low rail dims. EDIT Real pain in the A$$ when the fractions read in 128ths!


Cerro Forge


I have some that work in millimeters, decimal inch, fractional inch, believe I picked them up at a Lowe’s or Home Depot some years back, brand is General Tools. Looks like Amazon has them as well…mine are almost identical to the the 2nd one #147. I’ve never cross checked the calibration but they seem okay given the price…