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6.5 Grendel build

In my infinite wisdom I decided to build a 6.5 Grendel AR (yeesh!) I chose the Grendel because I wanted something accurate out to 800+ yd.s that would take out a good size Whitetail deer. I looked at the 6mm ARC but it didn’t seem to have the same knock down energy. I know someone’s going to say shot placement is more important, but where I hunt I need both. I didn’t want an AR10 and figured since the Grendel’s been around a while ammo and brass to reload shouldn’t be a problem. BOY was I WRONG! I finally broke down and ordered two boxes of PPU @ $40 a box+ shipping. That was after scouring the internet for ammo and brass for weeks, I still haven’t found any brass.


Nice looking rifle. Very sharp. And I like 6.5 Grendel.
It’s a great round. But you are right, very scarce now.
I’m down to one box and refuse to shoot mine anymore.
What scope you planning to mount to it?

Here’s mine.


Love the wood furniture! Kinda’ the best of both worlds there. All the modern stuff is cool BUT I’ll take a quality wood stock any day!



Never shot 6.5 grendel so I can’t attest to the price.


Finally found some ammo from Aim Surplus. $ 25 a box.


I have a Bushnell AR 4.5-18 that I’m going to try out.


That’s not terrible right now, should get better soon.

Should work fine. Hope you enjoy it.


That is an awesome looking rifle Charles.
I really need to put one together myself.


Miwall Corp. had some the other day, 100 rds PPU 120grn. BTHP for $99 in a plastic ammo can. Then all of a sudden they were out. Then it suddenly reappeared again but it was now $129!

Still, it beats the $4 ppr it has been being. Set yourself up on one of the ammo search sites ( I currently use ammoseek.com) and don’t wait long when you do get a notification. AS is presently showing the cheapest 6.5G ammo here: 20 Round Box - 6.5 Grendel Prvi Partizan 110 Grain FMJBT Ammo - PP6GF - Limit 25 | SGAmmo.com @$1.45 per rd.

I’m still looking for some match ammo-and it’s out there-but have yet to find a price I can willingly accept (it’s still running $2 a round!) Good luck!

EDIT: oops, that Miwall was 100 rounds-not 200!

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I cannot comment about avaibility now as it has been quite a while since I purchased any. I do have a fair supply of Wolfe and Hornandy ammo on hand as well as plenty of brass, both Hornandy and Lapua . I built up 3 AR types about 12-14 years ago and have a little CZ 527 sporter in 6.5 Grendel. When I started loaded ammo or brass was extremely hard to find and very expensive. My solution was to get a large quantity of 7.62x39 brass , I chose the excellent IMI brand and have not been dissapointed. It is a rather simple process to simply run it through a 6.5 Grende resizing die, load with a reduced load and fire to fire form the cases. All the reduced loads I have been fireforming fed through the magazine and made the AR function properly. On a note the Wolfe ammo and probably PPU is not true 6.5 Grendel. The specs for 6.5 Grendel call for a small rifle primer. These along with the converted 7.62x39 brass use a large rifle primer. Makes no difference in most shooting, but I expect the small primer will give the best accuracy if you have a gun good enough to show it.


How many rounds in the box?

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That’s precisely why I chose 300HAMR over the Grendel. Unclaimed 5.56 brass litters the ground at most ranges and it’s easy to reform to 300HAMR. Of course now the problem is primers, regardless of what you’re loading.


it appears Brownell’s got their shipment of Wolf steel cased 6.5 G ammo in (.85 cents per round @ 20, .82 cents per rd @ 500:


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