5/1/22 lcp update

Ammo ran through 3 mags Wolf 3 mags Fiocchi and 3 mags PPU Prvi Partrizan
If you are thinking or on the fence about the Trigger, Springs, Guide Rod one should not be. It works well and is better than the 6.5 pound trigger pull. Man I am kicking self for waiting so long.


I am happy you are HAPPY. I am very happy. NO sitting on the fence for me :innocent: :rofl:
With the new insides and
Galloway Precision
HYVE base with Ruger 7 rounder for8+1. Giving the pinky something to do other than dangle. Reducing flip giving better control…

These are the ones my son lets me keep at my house :sweat_smile:



I purchased a Smith and Wesson Airweight 38 revolver with a red dot grip several years back but found that she hardly ever carried it because she thought it was a little to bulky for her purse and she always just left the S&W in her center console of her car. She hated holsters as her clothing didn’t always accommodate conceal carry belt and holster options.

I ended up taking her to the gun shop to look at the LCPII 380 and she fell in love with it so I said we will take it. I asked her at the shop if she wanted to trade her S&W on it and she responded promptly saying, “NO you are not going to sell my other gun”. The gun shop employee laughed and told me, “you have a keeper man!”. I said I have known that for over 40 years now and we have been together since we were both 15. The bottom line is she loves her LCPII, shoots it well, and carries it every day. It really bought me peace of mind knowing now she can protect herself if she ever needed to.


It is unfortunate that MCarbo discontinued their KELTEC P3AT parts. I still want to buy them. If anybody here has a package (set) of these parts that they want to sell I am interested!!!