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45 Degree Optic Mount

I have had the sub 2000 for a year now and love the weapon, the compact concealment, accuracy and the simple disassembly/reassembly. A lot of talk on the new optic mount and it looks great with a price tag of $100. I just decided to put a $10 45 degree mount and a $30 red dot on it. Zeroed and accurate at 25 yds. I can almost completely close it down on itself and are we really trying to fight with a locking device when it’s time to “do work”


I made several stabs at this same 45° idea and could not get the Sub to close either. There was always some part of the mount or the optic that prevented closing.


45 degree mout with a tacticon micro red dot works predictor v3 micro dot red dot site

The claw style offset mount that sits between the picatinny slots worked best for me. It’s not a true 45 and sits closer inline to the iron sights than a M-lok.

I admit I had to add a riser between the mount and red dot because the switch housing was rubbing the buffer tube when fully closed using a Burris Fastfire 2.

Eventually i ground off the picatinny slots and perma-mounted a riser on the claw mount which now looks like one piece and sits as low as I want to close.

Because the sub2k has a plastic picatinny I recommend a metal shim across where the two set screws come into contact with the plastic. This keeps it nice and tight without much damage to the rail side.

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Can you share some pictures. I think I recognize your descriptions but I’m a long way from certain in this understanding.

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The M-lok mount would sit at 1:30 where as this claw mount sits at more of a 1:00.