45 ACP EDC. Options?

I’ve been trying to decide on a good compact 45 ACP carry option.
Right now, I’m stuck between the Sig P320C and the Glock 30SF.
I was also looking at a BBR 3.10. But ergonomics may be an issue.
All three are at basically the same price point and round capacity.

Both the Sig and Glock have FusionPac holsters available for them.
I love these holsters and require a carry option that is supported.
Another reason not to look further at the BBR 3.10.

I have not looked at S&W yet, but it is an option to consider.
I’m really just getting started, so much more research is needed.
And I’m in no hurry. I’m not planning to purchase anything right now.
But I would appreciate any suggestions, advice or feedback.

I have a few 1911’s but the size to capacity ratio is not appealing.


Take a look at the Springfield XDM. Really like mine and it’s a good shooter. 3.8" barrel, 9+1 mag or 13+1 mag. Grip safety and changeable backstraps.


Perfect timing. I was just coming here to post this model.
Springfield Armory XDME93845CBHCOSP XD-M Elite Compact OSP

Great capacity, better price and optics ready.

And there’s a FusionPac holster for it. Might have a winner.


I dont have experience with springfield xdm in 45 acp but i have a buddy with the 9mm version and i have shot it and it is a good shooter and my buddy hasbt had any trouble out of it after few years of edc.


Here’s some numbers on these three options.

| Model | Length | Width | Height | Barrel | Weight | Capacity | Price
| SA XD-M Elite | 6.75" | 1.2" | 4.58" | 3.8" | 25oz | 10+1, 13+1 | $515.00
| Sig 320C | 7.2" | 1.3" | 5.3" | 3.9" | 25.8oz | 2 x 9+1 | $550.00
| Glock 30SF | 6.97" | 1.38" | 4.8" | 3.78" | 23.81oz | 2 x 10+1 | $550.00
| BBR 3.10 | 6.85" | 1.47" | 4.55" | 3.1" | 32oz | 10+1 | $550.00
| Glock 29SF | 6.97" | 1.38" | 4.53" | 3.78" | 24.34oz | 2 x 10+1 | $550.00

I will note that the Glock does have 13 round mag options as well.
But the size advantage, price, mags and features of the XDM wins it.
At least for now. All the S&W models I looked at weren’t impressive.
FN is out of my budget for a carry gun. Let’s see what else pops up.


@HandyDave and @Texprep Thanks for the replies.

Looks like I was a bit optimistic about that price.
The store that is selling at $515 may not be legit.
Most stores have it at or above $550.


I dunno from fusionpac holsters. Do they offer one for a compact or officers or defender sized 1911? If so, the BBR 3.10 will likely fit.

FWIW, along with the 10+1 factory config, a 13+1 configuration is easy to accomplish.

Edit 'cause I just searched FusionPac. It will fit the “All 1911 Series without Rail” holster perfectly.


They have a 1911 holster that says it’s for all 1911 with rails and one without.
FusionPac Concealed Carry Holster IWB (tactipac.com)

Just saw your edit. Thanks.


My only suggestion is, try all of them you think about in your hand first. Which one feels the best then start looking at the other things related to the pistol your thinking about. To me hand fit ,concealability & weight is the most important. If you can shoot one even better. I let go of a few that I just couldn’t get use to.


Call me a minimalist, I carry a XDs in 45. 5+1. Very slim and svelte. If I am going somewhere rough, I carry more than one gun and spare mags. Sometimes even an AR pistol in 300 back at the vehicle. I do enjoy all the great options out there. I think you guys have some solid ideas on the subject.


I have been considering an M&P 45 Shield:

  • Frame Size: Compact Slim
  • Caliber: .45 AUTO
  • Action: Striker Fire
  • Capacity: 7+1 and 6+1 Rounds
  • Barrel Length: 3.3” (8.4 cm)
  • Front Sight: Steel - White Dot
  • Rear Sight: Steel - White Two Dot
  • Overall Length: 6.45” (16.4 cm)
  • Frame Width with Slide Stop: 1.05” (2.6 cm)
  • Overall Height: 4.88” with Flush Magazine (11.9 cm)
  • Weight: 20.5 oz. (581.2 g)
    Price: $519.99
    I like the feel of it. Feels slimmer than the Hellcat
    I was going to buy one until I stumbled on the SA-35, it will have to wait a bit.

I think maybe the aspects are, in my simplified order of importance:

  1. how well do you shoot it
  2. how well does it fit in your hand
  3. ease of carry/concealment

I like the largest pistol I can easily carry, with the largest magazine capacity in a caliber I can make one shot stops with ease. I also prefer red lit front sights. Sometimes it is my XDs in 45ACP, other times it is my 1911 (8+1). On open outdoors days my AR pistol in 450B in a backpack. I know it isn’t ACP. That is because JMB didn’t live long enough to make it the 45 ARP ( Armalite rifle/pistol cartridge ).


I have one of these:



Good option for a 45 EDC.
They have an optics ready option too.


And you can get it with or without a thumb safety.


I would like to, if I had a range or gun store that rented near me.
I’m currently in Ohio working. I was hoping to look around here.
Just got into town (Canton) last night and haven’t taken the time.

I also looked into these a bit, but I’m wanting more capacity.
I know I shouldn’t need more rounds, but it makes me feel better.


Welcome to Ohio, HOP Ammo is not too far away. Maybe see if you can find Mr Funk.


Shoot brother brian @Beezer a message he could probably set you up with his buddies over at house of payne munitions that cico speaks of. The main guy shawn payne over there is great dude. And he probably has every pistol your wanting to try out. And im sure a few you didnt even know you wanted to try out.


@ValorSolo , reach out to House Of Payne Munitions at 234.400.9502 they will hook you up. HR Funk was just there yesterday returning some firearms he was reviewing and was picking up a few more. They have a huge inventory and if they don’t have it, they will get it.


Colt 1911 “Officer’s Model.” In the '80s, I knew the guy who ran the Denver Police range (ex-homicide detective). I had a S&W 19, and he recommended the Officer. I got a Roy’s Pancake holster - three belt slots, so I could wear it canted if I wanted, but I use the combination that keeps it upright. I trimmed the muzzle end so it is even with the bottom of my belt - has to be a stiff belt. It’s all leather, and has a thumb break. All old school, but not at the time. I wear it around to the back a bit, under the ribs. Again, before current thinking on appendix carry. It did match my training at the time to have pulled from a belt holster.

This only holds 6+1, for sure, and it’s all steel. I like having a solid lump of steel, but some wouldn’t. It uses any 1911 mags, so the second one is an 8-rounder. I even tried a 32-rounder just for fun to see if it worked. You know some mags have a notch that leaves a 1911 just loose enough that it doesn’t line up and doesn’t feed. The one part that wore out (well, broke from fatigue) was the recoil spring plug. It’s not like other 1911s. It comes in from the inside of the slide, because it has a tiny, thin lip that holds it in place - it isn’t held in place by a barrel bushing. That lip broke off after a while. I found a telescoping recoil guide rod that doesn’t need the plug, so all is well. Took 20yrs, but I don’t know how many rounds. At one point I added an ambi safety and extended slide release.

Beside the fact that there weren’t too many small .45s back then (Detonics?), I was/am used to 1911s, and I don’t have to think about it if I draw it. Cocked and locked, safety on, with the thumb break it’s secure and the leather goes between the hammer and firing pin. At the time, the best self-defense ammo was HydraShok - my friend had a Ransom Rest at the department, and ran his own FBI tests - it’s what he carried.

I was looking for a small 9MM, but there really wasn’t such a thing then either. Something about engineering and metallurgy and such.


I stumbled upon a XD-M in 10MM and it really threw a kink in my thinking.
I was already leaning in the XD-M’s direction, but now 10mm instead of 45?
It is a new round to me that I don’t currently have a stash of.

I have been interested in 10mm for a long time. Just not sure now is the time.