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410 magazine for TR Import XT3 Silver Eagle

I may get an “I told ya so” after you read this but I’ll go out on a half sawed limb and just ask.
I bought a TR Imports Silver Eagle XT3 .410 Semi Auto that has a detachable 5 round magazine. I’m having trouble locating additional magazines for it and TR Imports are telling me they are out of stock, which is obvious or they’d be happy to sell me a few. I was wondering if any of you have any knowledge or experience with these Turkish made shotguns.
Here’s a link to the site for the magazine: https://www.trimports.com/product/mag5xt3/
Here is a link for the shotgun: https://www.trimports.com/product/xt3-410-semi-auto-22-smooth-slug/
This is where you can say “I told ya so” for buying strange foreign shotguns.

Thanks for your help and have a great time celebrating our countries Independence Day.

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