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4" Combat Magnum-Classic Revolver Review (Part-2 is up!)


Hi folks! I finally managed to record a video review of the classic 4" Combat Magnum as originally devised by the late Bill Jordan. This is part-1 of a 2 parter. Click on the link below to see the video, and be sure to let me know what you think!




Good video and very informative, Howard.


Thank you lonewolf!



Brings back memories from my time on the force. I started in 1977 and was issued a S&W 4inch mod 15 38spec. In 1981 I was promoted to the investigative division and needed to carry a weapon more conducive to concealed carry. The Dept had a couple of very old Colt Cobras and offered one to me. I never liked Colts, particularly the grip angle, so I declined. I started carrying a S&W Chief’s Special in 38spec which I had purchased for off duty carry. For those not familiar, it has a 2 inch barrel with a 5 round capacity. I shot it well, qualifying expert with it. Not so many concerns back in those days about ammo capacity as there were very few semiauto pistols encountered. In the late 80’s our Lt. mentioned one day, after some firearms training, that I probably should be carrying a Dept owned and issued weapon. I agreed after he asked me what I would like the Dept to buy me. I asked for and got a brand new S&W mod 19 357mag in 2 1/2 inch barrel with 6 round capacity. At that time it cost approx. $400. I carried it for about a year before we made the transition to S&W 9mm semiautos. As part of the trade program I was offered the gun for $150. You can bet I still have it and still shoot it.


I love the 2 1/2" Combat Magnums. I have one of my own, and I made a video with it a year or so ago. If you’re interested you can scroll back through the videos on my channel and you’ll find it. I also made one with my 3" M66. That’s why I mentioned in this current video that I “finally” have the original version of the CM to review. Thanks for watching and thanks for a great comment!


Can’t wait to watch, thanks for posting. Got one in the safe that needs a reason to go to the range!


I been looking for a N frame S&W for as long as i can remember. always way out of my price range. finally 2 years ago, I came across a sockdrawer special,
Model 29 /2, 4" crusty, rusty, cracked grip, out of time and gritty. first thing I got for it,

set of houge grips. second thing, it didnt pass go, it went straight to a S@W guru I know, to have dogeared screws replaced, the cylinder retimed, springs and pins replaced.

put the grips on, and cycled 100 rnds thru it. made sure of function.

then it went back to the smith for teardown, he bagged and tagged everything NOT getting sent out, and gave the pieces back to me.
and out the bits went, for a heavy satin Blue/black finish. where im at right now. I should have everything back by the middle of February.
then i have to find the leather i want for it. probably a ALASKAN .
only gun i have ever bought as a fixer upper, thats will have been in the smiths hands 3 times before its finished…
I did pick this 38 smith up inexpensive., junkyard truck kickpanal find…


Thanks, love that gun and happy I own one. Your wife has great taste! Is the range update available yet? Also, did the article mention anything about the different metals/composi to they tried for the frame? Lastly, a favor to ask you I’ll pm you on. Thanks!


Looks like a rewarding project, keep us updated


No not in the article, but as I understand it, the heat-treating was improved for the K-Frame magnums.




Thanks for the great video. Very informative.

So, not sure if the forcing cone for the model 19 ever got “fixed” in the model 19. Clearly, the models 586 and 686 have the fix, but it sounded like the model 19 did not (due to frame size).

Either way, though, I love the 586 and 686 models, so no real need for me to worry (but, maybe others who get convinced to buy the model 19’s for whatever reasons?).


OK folks! So long as the weather cooperates, I’ll be off to the range to record part-2 today!



My ruger 1977 police service six, then next to my newer gp100 6 inch


Cant wait for part two



Thanks for the pictures. I used to have a Ruger Speed Six (similar to your Service Six) and years later moved on to the GP100. Both were fine guns, though as your pictures show, the GP100 is a bigger framed gun.

Nice to see that your Ruger GP100 still looks great and the Service Six looks good after so many years of use.


I believe that’s the case for a steady diet for the lighter weight rounds. The round isn’t long enough to make the “jump” to the forcing cone in a fully stable manner, which stresses the cone.

The “fix” as I understood it is to use full size 158 grain bullets so the bullet is supported as transitions from cylinder to forcing cone

I have a Ruger GP as well and do trust it to handle the hottest 357 rocketship rounds


When I hired into Detroit area LE in ‘79, was issued a 4” Model 66 which I loved. Years later I would read “Rogue Warrior”, Richard Marcinko’s memoirs of Seal Team Six, they used Model 66’s for their firepower and reliability, and shooting’em til the barrels dang near melted! Kinda sealed my affinity for the gun, and led, no doubt, to me ultimately buying the 686plus I have now :+1:


I believe both the smith and ruger of that era were fine guns and have stood the test of time as the are still in use by many.


Well, I managed to get part 2 recorded today, even though a snow storm moved in half way through my shooting. I should have it posted by tomorrow. Stay tuned!



Here ya go folks! Part-2 is now up and I hope you all enjoy it!